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Blood Pressure drugs may also cure Dementia

by Ana

The new researches in the field of medical sciences are opening some very new knowledge areas and one such research has been showed up in the BMJ today.

This research is actually carried by some group of medical experts and one among them is Dr. Benjamin Wolozin, a professor of pharmacology and neurology at Boston University and senior author of a report on the findings, while telling about the findings of their research he said that “We think it [angiotensin] is one of the most important factors determining healthy blood vessels and also acts in the brain to help neurons to be a little more resilient”.


Actually the research has concluded that the drugs which we use as the treatment for blood pressure also appear to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and some other forms of dementia.  The study was actually carried on about 819,000 U.S. veterans and most among them were men, it was found that those taking blood pressure medications have a lower risk of dementia than those who takes some other cardiovascular medicine. While talking some more about the results Dr. Benjamin Wolozin said that “If you get no blood to the brain, you’re not going to think well,” he said. “Also, in brain cells there is more than one kind of angiotensin receptor. By blocking bad receptors, you are left with the good ones so that helps neurons become more resilient.” So in this way one treatment has been found effective for two diseases and it is expected that further researches will take place regarding this matter and we’ll see such medicine suggested by doctors for Alzheimer’s disease.

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