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Biological Cause for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

by Kamal Salar

The body dysmorphic disorder is a very serious disease which manifests in the plan of perception. This means that people suffering from it have the feeling that they look very bad and this affects their daily activities badly. This perception that they have about themselves is caused by the malfunctioning of the brain, as this is the most affected part of the body in the case of body dysmorphic disorder. Experts consider that the general effects of this disorder are not obvious and they cannot be easily noticed and diagnosed.


There is not any clear cause for the body symptomatic disorder; however scientists and researchers have studied the subject and have reached the conclusion that there are some factors causing some effects of body symptomatic disorder. These causes that have been researching upon are biological or psychological and even cultural factors.

The body dysmorphic disorder usually manifests in the case of mature people. Most scientists say that it is mainly a psychological disorder that leads to an obsession about the way they look. There are numerous ways of manifestation of the body dysmorphic disorder regarding mature people and these ways depend on increasingly numerous factors.


The most common symptom that may appear for body dysmorphic disease are strictly related to the way that people regard themselves and to the defects that they imagine to have. Whenever a person is very concerned about the way in which he or she looks even if there is nothing wrong about their appearance. This may be considered as a real obsession that people may have related to their looks. In many cases of body dysmorphic disorder people manifest a great change of behavior and mentality.

The fixed ideas and obsessions that make them disconsider their physical aspect are many times resolved by psychological treatment and even by surgical operations.
This disease has greatly developed the medical industry of surgical interventions, as continuously more people are choosing to use the medical aid in order to change or improve certain parts of their bodies.


There are many precaution measures that people can take in order to lower the risk of getting affected with the body dysmorphic disorder. Most of them are psychological as the very symptoms that cause this disease are also related to the mental part. Experts advise people to control their reactions whenever they notice problems related to the symptoms of this disease. People are also advised to consult a psychologist or specialist in order to get the medical help needed in the case of the specific symptoms.

A special precaution to be taken is also related to the early education and to the environment in which some people activate as personalities. The atmosphere from home or from work must be calm, relaxing and not stressing and disturbing. Stressful environments are likely to cause the symptoms of a body dysmorphic disorder.
Hence there are numerous factors that may cause this serious disease but the precaution measures to be taken are also large in number. People are advised to live a moderate life, with few excesses and the most important thing is to gain confidence in them and in their appearance.


The basic and most effective treatments that can apply for body dysmorphic disorder are the psychological ones. By making appeal to a specialized doctor, most people find the way to get rid of these serious dysfunctions. Specialists say that the mail cause for the body dysmorphic disorder is strictly psychological and they advise patients to find a good doctor that would help them recover.

There are also medical treatments. Medicines are used in the advanced cases of this disease as they must be administrated to the patients that have a long history in fighting against this malfunctioning of their brain.

There are also numerous treatment bases and centers all around the world. They are specialized in treating and helping people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. They have numerous dotations and cure recipes that are able to heal people who find themselves in an advanced stage of this disease.

It is common knowledge that one of the most popular diseases of this kind is anorexia. Anorexia is increasing among young girls and even grown women. This mental disease manifests by the bad opinion that the patients have upon their bodies. The women affected by this disease have the impression that they are too fat even if their bodies are in fact thin. The disease leads to serious and grave effects and it can even lead to leukemia. The treatments for anorexia are very expensive but at the same time very effective. The specialized centers that deal with this problem and help young women get better from anorexia have the necessary medication needed for this type of body dysmorphic disorder. Doctors highly advise girls to appeal to these specialized centers in order to solve their problems and last but not least, to consult specialized doctors, psychologists who would be able to help them overcome the difficulties and the problems brought about by this disease.

World famous health centers:

There are many famous help centers for treating body dysmorphic disorders and these are divided and specialized on certain problems and dysfunctions that this disease provokes. A person suffering from a body dysmorphic disorder is advised to get very well informed about the features of a certain help center in which he or she can be properly treated and even cured. There is a lot of information regarding this topic that can be found on the internet and there are also many other sources that provide the necessary details and contact info regarding there popular centers. The only thing left to do is to decide upon the center that would best suit the problems and also the preferences of a certain person. And last but not least, people must be advised not to keep these problems secret, as the sooner they are alerted the better it would be for the patient.




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