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Asia in the High Zone of HIV Cases & in the Threat of HIV AIDS

by Ana

HIV disease is scrolling all the over the world at a rapid speed. It is causing numerous people in the sleep of death. The death rates are increasing day by day at a speedy level as the scientists are absolutely dam worried about this increasing tendency of HIV.

Similarly a news published on Wednesday where it is estimated that only in Asia almost 8 million people are supposed to be died of every year due to the virus of HIV Aids and these numbers will be enhance into promotion till the period of 2020. At this time, 5 million people are fighting with the virus of HIV AID positive in Asia and the regions of Pacific. Just about 440,000 people are vanishing in these states every year.

The studies, ethnographies, case studies, surveys and all of the important bulk of knowledge are showing us a debilitating estimation of HIV death toll of around about 500,000 by the end of 2020 with no time support as still the agencies and international NGO’s are trying their best to find out a cure and best rehabilitation of this disease for example United Nations, Unicef, Red Cross , Save the Children ,Internation Relief Development ,world Bank and many other organizations are stressing hard to really pull out the remedial action of HIV.

Scientists are extremely worried and conscious with the intention of Asia as it will get soon humiliated with this disease at a large amount of configuration, they entirely rate Indonesia and India as one of the largest suffering countries of HIV virus in all over the world.

HIV virus is causing to death in Asia due to number of reasons and justifications for instance it is spreads over rapidly by the heave duties of sex workers, brothel houses, customers, brokers, drug addicted, homosexual, and lesbian, gaze, blood of a dead HIV positive, addicted siring, lack of condom practice and so on.

In the process a hell aid and donations are being given to the victims of HIV in the regions of South East Asia and West Asia in a bulk. Not only this aid is given to these regions but also the other services are being given to the people as a precautionary measure.

As our domain of discussion is Asia and its near precious regions so as to make a policy implication step that the state, agencies, NGOs, and other welfare organizations must take into serious solutions to avoid of HIV AID disease, for this they must raise the awareness among the sex workers , homo sexual, sexual abusers, sexual harassment transgender, health lady worker, brothel houses, brokers, clients, use of condom, lesbians, gaze and so on as to prevent from this fatal disease ,only by use of these instructions we will be abled to recover and save from HIV AID virus.

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