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Aged Singles have higher risk of Alzheimer’s

by Ana

According to a Swedish research, marriage or having a partner may decrease the risk of developing dementia considerably. The study has been presented at a US conference.

The researchers are of the view that it is social interaction between couples that helps to avoid the disease.


The Alzheimer’s Research Trust is considering the results quite worrying as in the UK divorce rates are considerably high.
“For some people, the problem might be even greater” the Karolinska Institute’s study suggests

The researchers found a trebled risk of dementia in those divorcees who remined single and similarly in those who widowed at a young age and stayed single had a six times higher risk.

The research examined the data on more than 1,440 people who were inquired about their mid-life relationship status, and then they were visited again after 21 years to find whether they had developed dementia or not.

The researchers found that 48 of them had diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and 139 had some kind of cognitive impairment.
After adjusting other dementia impacting factors the study demonstrated that people with partners had low chances to become to victim of that disease.

The lead author of the study Dr. Krister Hakansson stated: “Normally, it is one of the most intense forms of social and intellectual stimulation to live in a couple relationship.”

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