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Some basic tips about dental implants cost

by Souti

Every patient who comes to a dentist with an infection that has already spread to the supporting tissues of the tooth has two options in front of him. One, either to get the tooth extracted or still save it with help of a dental implant. Every patient likes to save his tooth and is always more inclined to get dental implants. But how much do dental implants cost? Well, thanks to the improved technologies and advanced techniques, the costs are getting lower and the services better. Re-treating a tooth is sometimes more expensive than a dental implant and can you set back by a couple of thousand dollars.

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Right candidate for dental implants

However, not all patients are suitable for dental implants.  Therefore it is important to be very sure and consult your dentist before spending on dental implants cost. Although age is not a barrier, too young or too old patients are not very good candidates. Your dentist will like to look at your general health and find out if you are suitable for surgery. Next, the dentist would like to check whether you have sufficient bone mass on the jaw to hold the dental implant. As every case and patient is different, the dentist likes to be very sure before proceeding with the treatments. One may need to make different visits and several tests before starting the treatment.

Better technologies today

The techniques and technology are getting advanced but there are still dental implants costs to pay. There is a cost attached to those sophisticated implants and in terms of quality of life, there is a dramatic improvement with the results that are being experienced by people all across the world. At private dental clinics one can expect better personal care and speedy services as compared to government health care. It is essential to make sure to take care of all aspects for the treatment and the procedures as well as the final costs of the dental implants.

Dental implants costs

Dental implants cost generally £2,000 per tooth that also include post-treatment follow-up along with crown provision. Add £200 further if bone grafting too is required. Some patients may also require additional procedures such as larger grafts, sinus lifts, or multiple implants. Your dentist will discuss the complete dental implants cost with you beforehand. In case a patient requires more than one implant, the costs can go down a bit. Many patients replace the full upper set of teeth that is approximately 10 teeth and pay around £10,000-13,000. The dental implants cost may also include costs for 3-dimensional imaging and that is £400 per jaw. But this is rare and occurs only in very complex cases. The dentist will need to follow an accurate and detailed planning in such cases.

Please not that the dental implants cost will vary with different dentists and locations. But they do not differ drastically. There are many services and facilities to help patients with the cost of dental implants. There are insurance plans too but most of them do not cover the major costs of dental implants.

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