You may be mistaken in interpreting burning sensations in feet, as mere instances of injury, shoe bites and muscular pain. But do remember that burning sensations may well be the symptomatic expression of hidden maladies of serious types. So, instead of laying it aside, you have good reasons to be watchful. It is always better to be safer than being sorry and the first step to watchfulness is to be acquainted with the causative antecedents- the ones which can possibly contribute to the mentioned symptom.

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by : konsumterra

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One of the most common reasons – Tests and Preventive Measures

  • Neuropathy happens to be the most relevant cause. Well, the term may give rise to shivers, worries and confusion. But there is nothing to fear as such. Neuropathy is nothing more than damage caused to the nerve fibers. As a result of this damage, pain signals are transferred to human brain
  • EMG as well as conduction study on nerves are carried out for assessing the reason
  • Treatments are recommended after assessing the exact cause of nerve damage. But irrespective of the treatment mode recommended, emphasis is laid on restricting nerves from further damages. Vitamin deficiency often contributes to neuropathy, thus Vitamin of the B12 type is often prescribed either orally or by way of injection.
  • Do remember umpteen numbers of causes ranging from diabetes, hypertension, renal issues to that of alcoholism can give way to nerve damage.

Disease affecting peripheral artery is another known factor

  • Since the issue is pretty serious, you ought to figure out if burning sensations including symptoms of pain or that of numbness are the result of PAD
  • Diagnosis can be easily made with the help of a routine examination. You will be also checked out for the flow and pulse of blood with the help of an ankle-brachial guide. By means of this, the exact condition of blood flow can be detected. As part of this process, imaging, ultrasound besides that of computerized tomography is generally made use of.
  • Depending on the exact flow of circulation; treatment modes are recommended. Treatment is possible with the help of medication. As per the gravity and requisites of respective cases, angioplasty, bypass grafting, stenting as well as enderterectomy are also suggested.

Infections including athlete’s foot are easy to diagnose as well as treat

  • The condition is equally responsible for giving way to burning sensation. Pain, inflammation and skin flaking are also likely to occur.
  • Skin culture, lesion biopsy besides KOH examinations are generally undertaken
  • The symptoms are easily curable with antifungal applications including creams, sprays and powders. Oral medications to control the spread and growth of fungal infection are also prescribed.

Contact dermatitis is one of the plausible reasons

  • It is some sort of an allergic reaction, where the skin is found reacting on account of its contact with a foreign body. Shoes, socks and also agents responsible for their cleaning can give way to contact dermatitis. Burning sensation is usually accompanied by signs and symptoms of eruptions.
  • Such situations are treated with the help of anti-allergic medications. Skin culture and examinations to assess blood sugar level are generally resorted to. Patients are also advised on changing the range and nature of their footwear.

Diabetes, arthritis as well as gout are responsible for causing burning sensation. In fact, diabetes mostly contributes to nerve damage and entrapments. Thus most of the diagnostic measures focus on ruling out the occurrence of diabetes.

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