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23 Cancer Symptoms that People Usually Ignore

by Shilpa

Medical checkups are important to diagnose the symptoms of cancer. The checkups are not just enough one should listen to their partners, companions too. They may notice the changes in your body that you may not know.

Here are some symptoms of Cancer that people commonly ignore

  1. Stomach Ache and Upset Stomach

    One of the first symptoms of Cancer is Stomach Ache and upset Stomach. The people who have Pancreatic Cancer they complain about unexplained stomach Ache. The pain may be sometimes dull and sometimes severe. The people who develop Liver Cancer and Leukemia they experience abdominal pain.

    If you have the stomach ache, consult a doctor urgently it can be due to early stage of liver or pancreatic tumor.

  2. Feeling of Fullness After a Small Meal

    The feeling of fullness after small meals and Acid Stomach is one of the early symptoms of Stomach Cancer.

    If you have the feeling of Acid Stomach frequently, consult a doctor to know the reason of the problem.

  3. Mysterious Weight Loss

    If you notice an unexplained weight loss, even if your diet is same, this is something to be worried about. One must know the reason of such a condition because this can be a symptom of Digestive Cancer, Liver Cancer etc.

  4. Jaundice

    Jaundice is also a type of Silent Killer. Jaundice is a condition in which people feel Yellowing complexion and White parts of Eyes, Yellowing of Urine and Grey stools.

    Jaundice can be a symptom of Liver and Pancreatic Cancer.

  5. Shortness of Breath

    Shortness of Breath, Chest Pain, and Blood in spitting is the signs of Lungs Cancer. It can also be a symptom of Testicular Cancer that spreads to other parts of the body.

  6. Frequent Fever

    People who suffer from Leukemia often complain about the frequent fever and symptoms of flu etc. Leukemia is a Cancer of blood cells in the Bone Marrow.

  7. Difficulty Swallowing

    Difficulty Swallowing is linked with the Esophageal Cancer or Throat Cancer, people feel trouble in Swallowing things, and it can also be a symptom of Lung Cancer.

  8. Heart Burn

    Heart burn and constant feeling of pain in Chest is an early sign of Esophageal Cancer and Gastroesophageal Cancer.

  9. Swelling of Face

    Patients with lung cancer say that they feel Swelling and Redness on their Face. This is because the reason that small Lung Tumor cells block the Blood Vessels that prevent the blood to flow to the face and head.

  10. Lumps on Neck

    If Lumps are found on the Neck, it can be a sign of Throat, Head or Thyroid Cancer.

  11. Bleeding

    Frequent Bleeding from Gums, Nose, Mouth and other openings can be a symptom of Leukemia.

  12. Fatigue

    Fatigue and weakness is an early symptom of many types of Cancers. When this symptom is combined with other symptoms, it helps to diagnose the exact type of Cancer.

  13. Blood in Stool

    If people find Blood in their Stool, they instantly visit a doctor for checkup because it can be a symptom of Colorectal Cancer.

  14. Bowel Problem

    Constipation, Diarrhea, fatty, smelly and Pale Stools can be a symptom of Pancreatic Cancer which shows that body is not absorbing food normally.

  15. Difficulty in Urination

    Difficulty in Urination, weaker stream of Urine, pain during Urination all these things shows the sign of infection in Urinary tract or Sexually transmitted disease and it requires a checkup.

  16. Blood in Urine or Semen

    Blood in Urine or Semen can be sign of Prostate Cancer. If anyone has this symptom, they should contact a doctor to get information about this condition.

  17. Erection Problems

    With the progress in Prostate Cancer, erection problem occurs including unsustainable Erection etc. this can be sign of Sexual dysfunctional due to some other reason.

  18. Weight Gain

    Weight gain is also a symptom of Prostate Cancer. Weight is accumulated in the Hip Area, Thighs etc accompanied with pain. Men feel pain in their lower abdomen which is a sign of their Testicular Cancer.

  19. Testicular Lumps

    Men often get lumps in the Testicular Area. These Lumps are painless and it indicates the Testicular Cancer.

  20. Continuous Back Pain

    Pain may include pain in Legs, Muscles, back may indicate a state of Cancer developing. Pain in upper back may indicate a sign of Lung Cancer and upper abdominal pain indicates a sign of Pancreatic Cancer.

  21. Nipple Discharge

    Irregular Breast shape, Lump in the Breast area and any sort of Nipple discharge, Redness and Soreness of Breast may indicates a symptom of Breast Cancer.

  22. Skin Lump that Does not Heal

    If you get an injury or a Lump occurs on your Skin that does not heal, do consult a doctor because it can be a sign of Skin cancer. Increase in number of moles on the face also indicates a sign of Skin cancer.

  23. Changes in Nails

    Enlargement of the ends of finger tips is a sign of Liver Cancer whereas White and Pale nails indicates that your Liver is not working properly.

All the above mentioned symptoms are the signs of Cancer which people usually don’t care about and ignore, thinking simple, but actually they need your attention and doctor’s attention in order to prevent you from different types of Cancers.

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