Vitamins and Their Functions

Vitamins are the essential complex compounds of substances which are very important and their existence is needed both for humans and animals as well.

vitamins-and-their-functionsOur body indeed needs vitamins to serve the process and the arrangement of the body system. Just like enzymes, the functions of vitamin are to control the reaction of biochemical in the cells as well as in the tissues of our body. Unfortunately, these important substances cannot be produced by our body. We can get the vitamins for our body through some foods and some supplements which contain these vital nutrients. To keep our body fresh and to eliminate fatigue as well as keep the immune system, we need to consume vitamins as the essential supplement which is needed by our body. Vitamins also have good effect for the health of our skin, bone, as well as our vision.

There are two forms of Vitamin A in nature. The first one is Retinol which can only be found in foods from animal origin such as fish oils and livers. And for the second one is Carotene which can be found in carrot or green vegetables. Vitamin A is needed for healthy visions, a healthy skin, a healthy immune system, and the mucous membranes of our lungs, mouth, nose, and throat. Vitamin A is also required for the formation of teeth, bones as well as blood.

Vitamin B can be obtained from natural resources are good for releasing energy from food, maintaining a healthy digestive system, normal functioning of brain and nerves, as well as maintaining healthy skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and mucous membranes.

The most required vitamin which are needed for our body is vitamin C because its compound which is unstable so it can easily destroyed by the food processing, such as, freezing, cooking, storing, and even peeling.

Vitamin C is required to produce collagen, antioxidant, healthy immune system, control fat and cholesterol in our blood, grow and repair tissue, and fat metabolism.

Vitamin D is the only one who can be found in food and produced by the body. The production of Vitamin D is caused by the sunshine on the skin. If your skin does not get enough sunshine, you can choose to take extra Vitamin D supplement.

The most powerful antioxidant for our body is vitamin E. Our body need anti-oxidant to prevent the free radical and takes an important role in cellular respiration.

So, don’t forget to give vitamins for your body

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