Industrial Accident

We all can define accident as an unwanted event which is regarded as an unscheduled or unplanned event. There are several factors contributing for the occurrence of an accident causing loss to our body and mind.

accident_at_workWell the question that arises in everyone’s mind is that is an accident avoidable?

These days there are several incidents regarding industrial accident information which can be the accident at work site or any where in an industry. As we know industry means heavy equipments, large machineries and huge tasks to be performed so industrial accidents are evident to occur once in a while. All accidents are termed as an event caused due to a human error which is nor avoidable nor intentional.

One of the best techniques in order to avoid accidents is investigating and finding the faults or flaws that had happened previously. The 5 major elements that are essential for carrying out a proper investigation are: procedures, specifications, unsafe elements (acts or behavior) conditions and the corrective action.

Questions like How, when, where, & why an accident occurred or may be what were the causes of the accident occurring? One may try to find what was a reason that might had caused the accident. We should have in mind that all accidents can be prevented by identification or removal of any of the contributing factors. It is necessary to find out the reasons that had previously led to an accident to rectify the earlier mistakes. Industrial accidents comprise of an employee tripping and fall in a parking lot from a height or any harmful effects due to the raw materials used.

The total matter is effective only when every accident, disregarding its level of impact is treating each accident or a mistake with equal importance. In an industry reporting to superiors should be encouraged. There should be a team effort between a supervisor and a worker for identifying the causes for an accident and the causes or corrective actions which is required in order to prevent any such event in future.

It is clear that cause of each accident is a breakdown in the safety system. The behavior of the employee or the environment in the respective industry is very relevant. All these abilities would help in monitoring or evaluating these elements on a continuous basis.

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