1. to make memory sharp one should corelate things with visual. beause our mind remembers those which we have seen not those which we studied or heard.so always remember that our memory learn visual things more.

  2. This suggestion helped me a lot its true one must give lot of work to mind

  3. yes,you can do an exercise in the morning to improve
    your mind sharpness known as “TRATAK.”

  4. Its really good for ur brain to take lot of mental work nd being good observer

  5. Yes,daily exersice can help sharpen ur brain and refresh ur memory.

  6. Yeah its Really Good Suggestion & i will Try My Best to improve my Min Sharpness

  7. sharpness of mind also judged / looked the way you impressively behave your friends. the wish to look separate from other. beside work more than other, know more than other and expect less than other.

    this is the way to achieve your goal.

  8. yes,These tips are useful.

  9. If you want to improve your mental poweq then sleep and awake a normal time, daily play mind game and think before talking.

  10. i am allways forget any bady word,vocabulary & other activity .my mind allways depress.pls suggest me.

  11. Always forget Important things & trying but can`t control rode behave.
    In total a careless man. Pls help

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