Benefits of Beet Root

Benefits of Beet Root

Beetroot is scientifically known as Beta vulgaris. It is counted as part of the family of spinach & chard. Root & leaves both can be consumed, whereby round shaped root is sweet in taste & leaves are a bit bitter. Its also known as garden beet, beet, red beet or even table beet. This highly nutritional super food contains vitamin B9 (folate), potassium, fiber, vitamin C, iron etc. Some of the benefits include enhancing the athletic action, improving the blood flow and also reduces the risk of blood pressure etc.

Facts Revealed By Several Studies:

This veggie is able to enhance the portion of glutathione peroxidase (antioxidant enzymes) in our body. According to an expert beetroot can also identify & remove the unusual cells by improving the count of the white blood cell. This rich source of glutamine can also improve your intestinal track & help you to live healthy.

Another study revealed that to prevent your body from different types of heart ailments, you need to control your blood pressure level. Beet juice is something which can effectively help you to avert such problems.

How To Prepare Beet Root:

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There are various ways that you can adopt to prepare a delicious beet. You can use it in salads or even grill it, steam it or sauté it. According to experts you should cook this vegetable for more than 15 minutes.

Some health benefits are as follows:

This colorful vegetable contains very low fat & also is quite low in calories. The main benefit of a beetroot comes from the presence of minerals, anti-oxidants derived from plants, fibers and vitamins.

Uncooked beets are a rich supplier of folates. It is estimated that a beetroot contains 109ug of folates per 100 gm. Folates play a very significant role in synthesis of DNA within our cells. Folates play an important role in preventing defects in the neural tube in a baby when consumed during the pre-conception stage.

Fights Dementia:

As per the director of Wake Forest’s Translational Science Center (Danial Kim Shapiro) as we grow old the flow of blood in certain areas of the brain reduces, which can lead to problems like dementia & cognition. Nevertheless consuming beet juice can improve such conditions.

Helps In Controlling Diabetes:

Beetroot contain alpha lipoic (an antioxidant), which can help you by reducing your glucose level & enhancing insulin awareness as well as avert changes that are brought upon because of oxidative stress among diabetic patients. Signs of autonomic neuropathy & peripheral neuropathy among diabetic people can also be controlled by alpha lipoic.

Enhances Digestion And Regularity:

High content of fiber is able to avert constipation & improve your digestive health.

Enhances Endurance And Performance:

Oxygenation in muscles specially during exercise is enhanced by consumption of Beetroot juice supplements. This goes to show that if the amount of nitrate taken with food is increased then that increases your level of tolerance towards exercises which tests your long term endurance. For people suffering from respiratory, metabolic, cardiovascular diseases their quality of life can be improved through consumption of beetroot juice.

It has been observed that consumption of beetroot juice results in an improved performance by about 2.8 percent.

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