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Ways to re energize yourself

by Souti

Energy is the sole driving force behind our each & every activity, but because of our busy schedule or various other reasons we are always prone to drops in the energy level, which affects our emotions even further. There are several methods available to re- energize yourself. You just need to follow them religiously.

•    Excessive anxiety or stress always leaves a bad repercussion in your brain which in turn makes you feel tried & drowsy. The best way to solve the situation is to follow a de-stressing procedure, like- changes to your daily routine, daily exercise etc.

•    Sometimes we feel fatigued because of improper nutrition, poor sleep or because of some other health conditions. While tracing out the health reasons if you figure out something then proper treatment is necessary.

•    When people get stagnant in the same routine, they lost their creativity. Changes are always welcome. Go for some tour or try to do something new it will always refresh your mind & body.

•    Breakfast is the energy booster for the whole day. Well balanced nutritional breakfast is always a good energy provider. Skipping breakfast can make your whole day dull & shabby.

•    Instead of having three big meals 5-6 smaller meals are preferable. Heavy meals can make you feel fatigued. Small meals are able to keep your energy strong.

•    Dehydration can cause drowsiness, so always drink plenty of liquid. It is also essential for our overall well being.

•    Exercise is one of the best ways to refresh your mind & re-energize your body. Exercise is also able to improve your health, which is interlinked with your mind. Meditation is also a good option.

•    Try to reduce the caffeine consumption from your daily diet. Though it can boost up you energy instantly, but fails to sustain that level. Instant energy increasing drinks can make you tried after some time.

•    Instead of consuming high calorie foods full of sugar snacks, try to replace it with vegetables or fruit snacks.  Snacks can keep your energy up in between meals.

•    Insufficient sound sleep is one of the major reasons of feeling fatigued. Getting proper sleep is always responsible for your morning freshness.

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