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12 Foods to Enhance Sexual Mood

Enhance Sexual Mood

Sex is an essential part of everyone’s life. The importance of sex in one’s life is only judged by that individual. Some men and women consider it the great source of connection. Sex is not just something physical; sex is an emotional and the mental link that brings the partners closer to each other. So if you are not satisfied with your sexual life or you want to increase your sexual feelings you must try these foods which are described below. They will surely wok.

1. Chili Peppers

Chili peppers spice things up, they just not spice everything in the mouth but they also spice the emotions of people. Chili contains capsaicin, a chemical that releases hormones that creates a feeling of excitement. So chili pepper enhances the hot sex.

2. Avocados

Avocados contain minerals, monounsaturated fats (protects the heart lowers the cholesterol), vitamin B6, all these things are full of energy and it activates the sex cells. It also contains omega-3 fats which enhances the mood and makes one ready for sex.

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Ways to re energize yourself

Energy is the sole driving force behind our each & every activity, but because of our busy schedule or various other reasons we are always prone to drops in the energy level, which affects our emotions even further. There are several methods available to re- energize yourself. You just need to follow them religiously.

•    Excessive anxiety or stress always leaves a bad repercussion in your brain which in turn makes you feel tried & drowsy. The best way to solve the situation is to follow a de-stressing procedure, like- changes to your daily routine, daily exercise etc.

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Spinach Smoothie : A nice source of energy

spinach-smoothe1It can lower the risk of atherosclerosis. It can act as an antioxidant & is able to fight against cancer. Spinach is a natural energy booster. This fibre supplier can decrease the constipation related problems & also improve your immune system. Spinach has potential to fight against age related eye ailments. It is also recommended for patients suffering from asthma, migraine, arthritis etc.

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Massage therapy: A nice tool to deal with busy and demanding lives

Massage therapyThese days, it’s not simple and easy to live in some big city, as life has become quite demanding, fast-paced and stressful in these big cites. People have no time for themselves and usually when they want some relaxation; low levels of energy lead them to the only option to collapse into bed for a few hours of sleep before starting their daily cycle again. Massage therapy proves quite helpful to bring a little balance back into the lives of people who have limited free time. The same is happening with the Londoners and that’s why they are carrying online searches with keywords like ‘London massage’, Tantric massage, Massage London etc.

There are many physical and psychological benefits related to different massage therapies. These massage therapies provide improved posture and flexibility and help to relax tired and stuff muscles as well. These therapies also prove very handy to decrease stress and anxiety levels and people can deal with their busy and demanding lives in a better way.

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Toronto Researchers Find Link Between Brain Chemistry and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

According to scientists, seasonal changes in brain chemistry cause winter blues in some people.

Seasonal affective disorder is related to lack of light exposure during short winter days and it often proves quite debilitating in some people.

The study shows that the condition may develop proteins that make mood-regulating chemical serotonin more active in the brain.

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