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Overeating: How to Control It

by Souti


Over eating can happen because of various reasons, it can be because of excessive boredom or stress or anxiety or some other emotions or just as a habit. Along with ruining your figure it can also instigate some other problems. Overeating is in itself a disorder & you need to rectify it.

•    You need to stick to your promise from the very first meal of the day. Begin your day with some healthy (full of fiber as well as proteins) breakfast.

•    Eat the amount you can consume, don’t try to finish every item on your plate. Try to create a conception that you are eating to live a healthy life, not to replenish your tummy.

•    Try to indulge yourself in some creative works. It will distract your attention from food items & you will be able to overcome your over eating habit.

•    In some serious cases you need to consult with a counsellor. However you need to create a strong will power to overcome the situation.

•    Sit comfortably when you eat & also take some quality time to chew the food well. It will help you to feel full quite fast.

•    Start your dinner with salad or a soup, it will lower your hunger & help you to eat within your limit.

•    Never go with the size of the food. Learn to value the calories rather than the size of the food.

•    Whenever you feel hungry drink some water. It will help you to reduce the food urge.

•    When you are excessively stressed go out & have some walk or engage yourself in some creative work, rather than finding comfort in a chocolate bar.

•    Though in small amounts, but take the regular meal. It will secure your body & minimize your hunger.

•    Every time you eat, try to get small amounts of food on your plate. It will help you to limit your food consumption.

•    When you are having a meal, do it with full attention. Having your meal in-front of television can divert your attention & lead to over eating.

•    In some cases we eat excessively because of out habit, so try to overpower the urge of over eating.

•    Sometimes because of our emotional circumstances we like to find some comfortable areas in food items, which is not at all acceptable. In such a condition rather that sticking to unhealthy over eating go out & pamper yourself in a spa etc.

•    Loss of energy can lead to over eating, so try to keep your energy alive & switch to healthy foods like fruits instead of having a meal (when you feel down).

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