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Using technology to better your health

by Shilpa

There is no doubt about it; technology is transforming the face of healthcare across the United States, allowing for better levels of patient care, more accurate record keeping, the timely diagnosis of conditions, superior treatment and a range of new remedies being developed, which are becoming more widely available. Whether information is accessed via mobile app, a practice or hospital’s computer or a professional network, technology is everywhere, and it’s changing healthcare for the better.

Technology and home healthcare

Thanks to the growing digital market there has been a surge in the number of consumer healthcare apps, enabling people to access a wealth of information and advice, monitor their vital signs, decode their symptoms, access their medical records and even manage an existing illness or condition and its treatment. Many apps will also allow consumers to take and upload pictures of worrying ailments, and there are a number of services offering live healthcare web chats around the clock; gone are the days of waiting weeks to see a specialist – this is healthcare on the go. It is now even possible for a person to conduct simple medical tests and diagnose conditions within their own homes, while more simple apps will offer nutritional information, exercise guides, and home remedies. This growing trend for the consumer healthcare app is making sure that people are far more aware of their health, and more readily equipped with how to make improvements to their lifestyle, as well as guiding those with existing conditions.

consumer healthcare app

The healthcare revolution doesn’t just stop with mobile technology. There are also a number of new computer programs, such as those used by medical practices to better manage patients’ documents and vital information, and the software used by doctors and healthcare specialists to track symptoms, make diagnoses, and manage specific illnesses and treatments: these have become vital in better identifying, understanding and treating patients’ conditions, as well as keeping a track of medical histories.

Using technology to treat specific medical conditions

As well as being used to identify and treat a range of general ailments and conditions, advanced technology is also vital in the development of hardware and software to assist with more specific, and complex, medical conditions, especially those where no similar alternative has ever existed. It is now possible, for example, for therapists to access autism treatment software, which allows them to formulate and administer programs to their patients, monitor progress, and keep abreast of new information, as well as allowing patients to better manage their treatment: this will eventually allow for huge leaps to be made in the research and management of autism, which is regarded as a relatively recent medical condition.

Software and hardware, such as this revolutionary autism treatment software, can vastly reduce the time it takes to diagnose and manage a patient’s condition, whilst increasing the levels of care offered to them. In short, this new technology, although in its infancy, is already invaluable to those who suffer from, and treat, a wide variety of ailments and more serious conditions.

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