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Useful Remedies for Angina

by Souti


Angina is a very usual indicator of coronary artery ailment, which mostly happens because of the inadequate blood anginaflow into the heart. In some serious cases it can lead to heart attack as well as paralysis (partial)

A few indicators of angina:

•    You can experience breathing disorders.

•    You can feel some exertion as well as nausea.

•    Chest pain along with some uneasiness can also happen.

•    Even burning sensation can also arise.

Some natural treatments are:

•    Lemon has been recommended for hindering the blockage in the blood vessels because of cholesterol.  It has the potential to avert the angina.

•    Basil leaves are also beneficial for lowering your cholesterol level as well as securing your heart from the free radicals effects.

•    To avert cholesterol aggregation in the blood vessels as well as to protect from angina garlic has also been recommended.

•    In a glass of lukewarm water pour fresh lemon juice along with honey (1 tsp) & drink it. It can give you some protection from angina.

•    Hawthorn leaves has also been suggested to reduce the angina symptoms as well as increase the blood flow. You will get the hawthorn leaves as capsules or you can consume its extract.

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