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Alarming Times For Your Heart

by Souti

Heart is something which needs special care to keep it strong. Heart ailments can easily make our activities quite limited, which is not at all desirable for us. There are various times when heart problems can arise because of increase in your blood pressure level & this increases the chances of heart attack. The following pointers might help you to get an idea about these moments & make you more cautious.

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At Mornings

Experts believe that during mornings we have quite high chances (40%) of exposure to heart attacks. After wakening up during morning our body starts to release several stress hormones. Such situation enhances the call for oxygen as well as pushes up the blood pressure level. Our body faces difficulties in pumping because of the thickness of the blood and a dehydrated body. Collections of all these situations can give you worries.


Arrange for some quality time in your wake up routine. Don’t indulge in exercises or some other activities just immediately after wakening up. Allow your body to adjust thoroughly by some gentle loosening up. In case you are taking beta-blocker medicines then it is recommended that you take the medicine before going to bed so that it can provide you full protection in the morning when you wake up.

Back to work (Monday morning)

After spending a relaxing weekend monday morning comes with a reluctantness of going back to the office, but at the backend we are all compelled to face the work load again. Study has revealed that almost 27% heart attack take place during this day.


Changing sleep routine for weekends can leave some impression on your blood pressure. After spending lethargic weekends & again fixing alarm for Monday can create pressure on your fatigued body. So try to maintain the same sleeting routine fo your weekends too.

Heavy meal

Though it’s applicable for everybody, foodies need to be more careful. Completing a five course dinner packed with high crab as well as fat can leave your blood vessels blocked, which leads to a clot like situation.


Try to focus on your portions. If you are not able to resist then don’t hesitate to cut down on your portions. Always remember the harsh truth that healthy heart makes a healthy body. For averting blood viscidity, aspirin can help you quite a bit.

Putting much effort for bowel movement

Sometimes putting too much effort for bowel movement can enhance the stress on our chest, which can even lead to heart ailments by lowering the amount of comeback blood into your heart. Staying away from oily sugary foods as well as from stress can also help you to avoid this type of situation.


To avoid such condition you need to keep your body hydrated enough by drinking plenty of water. Including fiber in your diet can also help you in bowel movement.

Robust exercise

People could also experience this unwanted situation (heart attack) while indulging in various heavy exercises. Vitamin in your body is not quite habitual with this much effort & your stress hormones almost reach sky high & increase the possibility of heart attack.


If you really make your exercise routine robust, then you need to do this slowly. All of a sudden getting into such heavy exercises can turn the situation even worst. You can also take the help from professional trainers too.

Tensed situation

Tension is always bad for our body, however for various reasons we simply are not able to cut it off from our life. Tension can appear at several situations, because of the exams or for the final game or family tension or unhappy marriage or at a presentation or in a public speaking etc. Excessive restiveness can push up your heart rate as well as your blood pressure level & levels of adrenaline, which contributes a lot to such a dangerous heart condition.


Sometimes having beta blocker helps people to avoid such scenarios. Nonetheless try to divert your mind to some funny situation or doing something different can help you to stay calm. Various yoga’s are also helpful in calming us as well.

So these are some pointers to help you keep away from such situations. Healthy food as well as healthy lifestyle also plays an important role to keep your heart healthy & fit.

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