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Treating Toe Nail Fungus

by Ana

toe-nail-fungusExtra care is needed if you have figured out that your toe nail is infected with fungus. Toe nail fungus treatments can be easy if it is on primary stage and it can be difficult if it has gone to the second level. Generally any disease shifts to its second level if it is left untreated or treatment is delayed.

There are many toenail fungus treatments available. These include tropical treatments such as nail paints containing amoorolfine or ciclopirox, oral medications such as itraconazole and terbinafine, surgical treatments and numerous home/herbal remedies.

Sometimes the doctor combines systemic and tropical treatments.

Toe nail fungus can be caught from common use showers, wearing damp shoes for longer, darkness, and carelessness in tidiness. The most commonly found nail fungus Onychomycosis. It can also infect finger nails.

Fungus nail affects the nail bed’s appearance in some cases. The nail plate turns darker in color, turning yellow, brown and in a few cases black too. The nail becomes hard and brittle and cracked. The texture of the nail also changes.

Sometimes foul smell is also experienced with slight pain in the nail joining. The nail bed feels heavy and the patient feels nothing if the nail is touched lightly. In some cases spotted nails are also reported. Toe swelling has also been found in some patients.

For treating nail fungus, nail plate biopsy is required in severe cases. Or otherwise scrapings from infected nails will be used to check the infection type and find the appropriate /treatment.

Home remedies may cure the toenail fungus quicker in some cases and in some cases it may result as mere helping agent. Medicinal treatments may be prolonged over a period of six months. If you are a diabetic or a hypertension patient, then you must be experiencing blood circulation problem and that can be a hurdle in treatment.

In home remedies, soaking the affected nail in vinegar is said to be quite effective. Another effective remedy is to apply tea tree oil to the affected area and wear socks. This is a bed time remedy. The wearing thick cotton socks may also be helpful in absorbing extra moisture from the foot as a precaution to nail fungus.

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