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Thing to Remember before Piercing your Kid’s Ears

by Souti


Ear piercing among infants is linked with several other issues. If the infant is girl then it’s a must do as well as in some baby-piercingother culture boys are also needed to pierce their ears. Mostly it is associated with family ethnicity or culture among that community, but sometimes it also happens because of the fashion trends.

•    You need to maintain a great hygiene at the pierced area.

•    There is always a risk of pulling earrings, which is quite normal among infants. It might hurt them seriously.

•    For the initial 4-5 months your kid needs to wear the earring continuously.

•    Ear lobe can get infected because of dirty instruments (piercing instrument) or even because of cheap metallic earrings.

•    Always remember to use quality antiseptic to wash the area.

•    Sometimes small sized scar can appear after the piercing & gets removed automatically after a few days. But it can lead to some serious problem. It mostly happens because of lumps in that area, so try to avoid the area if there are lumps or obstructions.

•    If your baby is prone to steel or metallic allergies, then it can arise through metallic or steel made earrings.

•    Never share toddler earrings with others.

•    Specialist paediatric piercing is always recommended for piercing your baby’s ear.

•    Baby can also experience extreme pain as well as irritation if the process is not right.

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