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Cracked heels: causes & its solution

by Souti

A cracked heel is a very common problem worldwide, mostly in winter people suffer from this problem. This problem can be the cause of your humiliation at public places. To hide this problem people always try to use covered shoes. But it needs some proper attention & there are several ways to help you to overcome this problem.

Causes for Cracked Heels:

•    Prolonged work on hard floor in bare foot can be a cause of this problem.
•    Dry skin can be reason of cracked heels.
•    Lack of vitamin, minerals, zinc can also cause this problem.
•    Unhygienic conditions can cause of it.
•    Improper shoe size can be one of the reasons.
•    Increase in body weight puts more pressure on the heel & cause cracked heels.
•    It can be happen because of diabetes, thyroid disease, psoriasis, eczema etc.
Remedies for Cracked Heels:
•    Try to avoid walking in bare feet & always wear soft shoes.
•    Wash the area properly (also dry it) & apply vegetable oil on the affected areas. Let the oil get absorbed in the area.
•    You can rub the pulp of ripe banana for about 10-15 minutes leave it to dry. After that clean the area, you will definitely find the desired result within a few days.
•    Soak the area in lemon juice for about 15-20 minutes every day and clean the area after that.
•    Daily cleaning & moisturizing can give you some effective results. You can mix together lemon juice & Vaseline & apply it on the affected area.
•    Prepare a mixture of glycerine & rosewater/plain water & apply the mixture on a daily basis.  You can even use raw glycerine on cracked heels.
•    Liquefy paraffin wax & combine it with mustard oil. Rub on the affected areas & rinse in the morning.
Diet for Cracked Heels
•    Foods which contain vitamin E (green vegetables, vegetable oils, wheat germ, cereals, whole-grain products and nuts.) are very important to cure this problem.
•    For cracked heels you also need to intake foods which contain calcium (yogurt, milk, cheese, goat’s milk, fortified soya milk etc), zinc (Oysters, yogurt, crab, kidney beans, chicken, brown rice etc) & iron (chicken, fish, meat etc).

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