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The Top 10 Must-Have Toilet Aids for the Elderly

by Souti

We all face the prospect of growing old, and for some people, that can mean a reliance on carers to help with essential daily tasks. Let’s be honest; no one wants to rely on others for help when using the toilet, yet thousands of elderly people with mobility problems are forced to do just that every day.

However, in many cases, the addition of some effective mobility aids can give elderly people the dignity and independence they deserve. The following ten products allow immobility sufferers to take care of their own sanitary requirements without the need for help.




A lightweight commode can be positioned in a way that allows users to attend to their own needs. Some models have padded seats, backrests and armrests for added comfort, and adjustable legs allow the seating position to be tailored to the individual for safe access.

Raised Toilet Seats

In situations where an elderly person can still walk to the bathroom, a raised toilet seat can provide a higher seating position for people with balance issues. Antibacterial, moulded plastic ensures the seat is both comfortable and hygienic, and a simple fitting mechanism means it can be attached and detached in a matter of seconds.

Bath Support Rails

A sturdy set of bath support rails can give people the extra support and balance they need when they take a potentially hazardous bath. A simple plastic rail can be attached to the wall by a bath with suction, so no nails or drilling is required. There is also the option to purchase an attractive set of chrome rails or a clamp bar that is designed to be attached to the side of the bath itself.

Support Frames

A strong and sturdy support frame provides a mobile and convenient way of using a toilet safely. They usually feature a strong polyethylene plastic seat which has in-built anti-bacterial properties. The height of the seat can be adjusted, and a simple clip attachment means the seat can be securely positioned at the ideal height. Many models come with non-slip feet and a folding mechanism for easy transit and storage.


Unfortunately, some conditions rule out regular trips to the toilet, but that doesn’t mean the only option is to rely on a carer’s help. A small urinal can often be attached to a bed or an accessible wall – providing a leak-proof storage vessel that helps people to retain their dignity. Some models come with anti-reflux technology that means no lid is required, and an ergonomic design means they are exceptionally easy to use and empty. There are some excellent unisex urinals on the market that come with an attachment for women, so no one has to experience the indignity of requiring assistance in the toilet.

Shower Seats

Lightweight, steel-framed shower seats provide a safe and secure seating position in most domestic showers and baths. Some come with padding for added comfort, and the addition of non-slip feet means they will not shift during use. Easy to clean and portable, a shower seat can be the difference between domestic independence and reliance on a carer.

Incontinence Products

One of the reasons elderly people become confined to their own home is often the fear of incontinence. This lack of confidence can stop people socialising and playing an active role within their community. However, planning for the possibility of incontinence is often enough to give people back their confidence. Vaginal cones, all-in-one briefs, waterproof bedding and mattress protectors are just a few of the products that allow elderly people to lead a normal life.

Family Toilet Seats

Many elderly people share a home with their children, and in some cases, their grandchildren. A family toilet seat allows people to change the seating height accordingly, and that means everyone in the home can use the toilet without the need to continually attach and detach toilet seats and support frames.

Wheeled Commodes

A wheeled commode is perfect for people who need toilet facilities in more than one location. Swivel wheels can be locked into place, and soft, padded seating provides a comfortable and secure seating experience. Some models come with disposable bed pans for easy disposal, and most products can be altered to create a seating position that is perfect for the individual.

Bed Pans

Something as simple as a bed pan can make a huge difference to an elderly person’s daily life. Hygienic plastic allows for quick and hassle-free cleaning, and a lidded model provides extra storage security during the evening.

Growing old usually comes with a whole host of mobility and general health issues; some of which make hygiene and toiletry tasks an ordeal. However, with the addition of these simple but effective toilet aids, the elderly can hang on to their independence and dignity for as long as possible.

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