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High Blood Pressure: Don’t allow the silent killer to kill you silently

by Ana

Some recent studies show that almost one out of three U.S. adults is suffering from high blood pressure, but the symptoms are not quite obvious and that’s why almost one-third of the people don’t even know that they have high blood pressure. Several diseases like stroke, heart failure and kidney failure can occur because of high blood pressure and it has become such a pervasive problem as it’s often called “the silent killer”

Blood pressure is the name of the force that is found in the arteries when the heart beats and rests. Blood pressure higher or equal to 140mm Hg (active) and 90mm Hg (at rest) is considered high blood pressure in an adult. High blood pressure can become the cause of serious problems for heart, deeply affects other organs of the body and often create serious complications for pregnant women.

There are many factors that can cause high blood pressure. Some of them can be changed by choosing a healthy lifestyle while some others are hereditary and can’t be changed. You must keep a regular check on your blood pressure, particularly if any of the following factors relate to you.


Obesity is defined by body mass index (BMI) instead of the weight and it is closely related to high blood pressure. Most of medical professionals seem to recommend obese people with high blood pressure to lose their weight.Salt (sodium)

Some people have high salt (sodium) sensitivity and if they use much salt, their blood pressure begins to climb. People with high blood must avoid salty foods and reduce sodium intake if they really want to lower their blood pressure.


People who are sensitive to alcohol can become the victim of high blood pressure if they drink more than one to two drinks of alcohol daily as it tends to raise blood pressure.

Birth control pills

It has been observed that the women who use birth control pills often become the victim of high blood pressure.

Physical inactivity

Obesity and high blood pressure are two well-known gifts of a sedentary lifestyle .According to the results of some studies, physical inactivity is the root cause of many fatal diseases. It has been observed that even minor exercise like walking can be very handy to reduce high blood pressure.

Drugs and smoking

Many drugs like amphetamines, medicines for cold and allergy, diet pills and birth control pills play a vital role to raise blood pressure. Similarly, smoking contributes a lot to raise blood pressure as well as the risk of heart disease.

Hereditary or unchangeable factors

Age, race family history and gender are those factors that contribute to high blood pressure, but can’t be changed.

Blood pressure is quite well-known as a silent killer, but it kills you when you allow it to do so. With some small changes in your lifestyle you can easily keep yourself away from the harassment of this silent killer.

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