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Pregnancy at Age of 40

Pregnancy after 40

Today most of the women think to start their family very later age. When woman reach at age of 35 according to doctor their ovaries produced fewer eggs.

pregnancy-at-age-of-40The question arise can pregnancy occur at age of 40? Yes it is possible that woman can get pregnant at age of 40 through a natural way.

Most of the women at age of 35 to 40 have healthy pregnancy because their health is good at this age. If you take your good care then it will reduce certain risks associated with it. If some problem arises it can be easily treated. It is difficult for the older women to get pregnant then the younger women because fertility rate is decline with the age.

Complications Arise During Older Pregnancy

The risk rate during older age pregnancy is high because of the age factor. Woman who gets pregnant at age of 40 can face these complications:

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Precautionary Guide for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time which every married woman loves to enjoy in her life though it brings lots of difficulties and problems for them but the excitement of getting an angel at the end is far from the problems which she faces during the pregnancy.

Guide-for-Pregnant-WomenIt has been told by many health experts that the first three months of pregnancy are the most crucial time for the baby’s growth and in that the ladies must take special care of themselves.

In the daily life’s routine we don’t give much attention to many activities but during pregnancy special care must have to be performed on the daily routine activities as a little carelessness can lead to miscarriage.

Here I am going to discuss some of those precautions which are required during the time of pregnancy and every pregnant woman should take care of them if she wants to have a fit and healthy baby.

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Help your Premature Baby Sleep Safely

Premature babies are fragile and delicate for a long time as you would know Momsand thus special care should be taken of them so that they are kept safely away from all the conditions and dangerous ailments that are probable of affecting a child who is prematurely born.While they sleep for example, if you follow certain parenting precautions for helping them sleep in the right way you can have some peace of mind of their safety. These steps however you must follow after your premature baby has come safely home.You must make sure for example, that your baby sleeps on his or her back no matter how short a period of time it is that he sleeps for.

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How to handle swelling of feet during pregnancy

Swelling of Feet

Swelling of feet during the third trimester of pregnancy is quite a common problem. Such a situation is also known as feet1edema. Some common reasons of such medical condition are:  deficiency of potassium in your diet, enhancing blood volume, increase in the uric acid level in your blood, standing for a long duration etc.

•    You need to keep you body hydrated. So make sure that you cut down the alcoholic drinks as well as coffee from your diet.

•    For treating the feet swelling barley water has been identified to be quite effective.

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Live Your Pregnancy Period

Every woman in this world wants a happy life with her family. Though modern age has deviated women’s focus from family to safe-pregnancycareer, majority still believes in successful marital life. Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful steps towards family expansion. It is associated with love, care and concern. It is very necessary for to be moms to visit their doctors regularly so as to avoid any immediate complication. They must remain up to date with information regarding pregnancy and problems thereof through internet, magazines as well as by moms . They should stay informed about week by week stages of pregnancy as it will help them a lot.

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More Down’s Births Despite Testes

Down’s syndromeFigures show that number of babies born with Down’s syndrome is on increase though pre-natal screening has become widespread.

In 1989 when tests came in, there were 717 cases, while in 2006 there were 749 Down’s births in the UK.

To discover why the parents pressed ahead with a pregnancy despite a positive test results, the Down’s syndrome Association included 1000 parents in their survey.

A fifth told that they knew someone with Down’s, according to a third religious or anti-abortion beliefs were the cause and 30% seemed to believe that life had improved for people with Down’s.  While one out five said that they just didn’t believe the results of these tests.

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