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Razor Burns: Causes & Remedies

by Souti

Razor Burns

Irrespective of men & women shaving or using razor is quite a common process.  It helps to make their appearance razorburn1clear & impressive, but the bad side is razor burns. It can be occur because of our unconscious use. It begins with some reddish rash (very mild), it can lead to excessive itching, burning sensation etc.

Reasons behind razor burns are:

•    Very frequent shaving can cause the burn.

•    Using dirty razor can also cause the burns.

•    You need to limit the uses of colognes or after shaves, otherwise extreme uses can lead to burning sensation.

•    If your shaving products carry benzocaine or menthol that can irrupt the burns.

•    If you are exerting too much pressure then burns can happen.

•    Even inadequate skin lubrication can also support the cause.

Some Useful Treatments for Razor Burns:

•    Remove the potato skin & make some fine slices. Now place the slices on the damaged area for some relief.

•    Always keep some apple cider vinegar in your home, which is an easy as well as quick method for treating razor burns.

•    Arrange some cotton balls as well as aloe vera oil. Now use plunge the ball into the oil & dab the affected area.

•    Prepare a mask of sour cream (1 tsp) & 2 strawberries (pulp).  Smear the paste on the damaged area & allow it to dry for almost 10-15 minutes. Now wash it with some lukewarm water.

•    To keep distance from razor burns always run the razor in the same direction of your hair growth. Though it takes some extra time, but keeps you safe.

•    Petroleum jelly has also been identified to be quite beneficial for treating the razor burns.

•    Make a paste of filtered witch hazel (1/4 cup) & rose water (1/4 cup). Pour the vegetable glycerin (1/4 tsp) into it. Now add the sandalwood as well as lavender essential oil (4-5 drops each). Keep it in a cold place & use whenever required (don’t forget to shake well before using).

•    Prepare a home made lotion with calendula flowers along with dried comfrey leaves (1 tbsp each) & witch hazel extract (1/2 cup).  Mix all the ingredients well & store it for almost 2 weeks. Whenever razor burns happen use the lotion.

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