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Preventing Urinary Tract Infections among Your Cat’s

by Souti

Urinary tract infections are always very painful. It makes the easy lifestyle difficult. We all love out pets & when something wrong happens to them we can also feel that. Some early precautions can however resist that uncomfortable scenario for both of us.

•    Ensure that your cat is drinking a plenty of water. Drying up of the body is one of the major reasons of urinary ailments.

•    Contaminated water might leave a harmful impact. Make sure that, you are providing clean water to your cat.

•    Commercial cat food contains lots of artificial ingredients that can weaken your cat’s immune system. Moreover, commercial cat food contains too many carbohydrates, which can alter the pH level of your cat’s urine and make it easier for bacteria to flourish.

•    Be careful about the fact that your cat is enjoying a stress-free lifestyle. Don’t scare your cat unnecessarily.

•    For proper treatment take your cat to the professional for the proper medications.

•    In several studies homeopathy has been recommended as the best treatment for urinary tract infections.

•    Vitamin C is known to be beneficial for improving the immune system & is also known as an anti bacterial, so provide your cat vitamin C every day.

•    You can also give your cat cranberry juice, which is useful for feline urinary track.

•    Daily wash the genital area of your cat, to resist the bacterial attack.

•    If your cat suppresses urine for a long period of time then resisting the urinary tract ailments turns difficult. So ensure that your cat can easily access their toilet.

•    Commercial cat food products are full of artificial components, which can cripple the body immune system. So provide you cat homemade, raw, unprocessed foods.

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