When you bring a dog into your home, you’re taking on a huge responsibility. You’re bringing a new life into your home and it’s important that you take your role seriously. There are too many people who buy a dog and then realise that they have no idea how to look after it properly. Or worse, they don’t have the time to give the attention the animal needs. Before you think about buying a dog, make sure you know how to keep him fit and healthy.

Flea Treatment

These days, there’s no excuse for your dog getting fleas. You can get flea treatment that ensures fleas won’t want to go anywhere near your pet. As long as you spray it on his fur regularly, you’ll never have to worry about fleas on your dog or in your home. Though, if you want to be extra cautious make sure you are careful where you walk him. It’s not a good idea to walk a dog around places where farm animals have been like in fields.

Image By: Unsplash
Image By: Unsplash

You’ll also need regular tick treatment as well. Again, the treatment available on the market kills ticks as soon as they latch onto your dog’s skin. You may have to pull the occasional one out. But it will be dead long before it can do any damage. All Vet dog supplies cover both treatment options so you can make sure your dog stays healthy.


Worming is another treatment that your dog will need on a regular basis. However, unlike the other two, it’s not a spray, it’s a pill. The bill isn’t particularly pleasant for your dog so many owners have problems getting their pet to chow down. To avoid this issue, hide the pill in some food and your dog will eat it before they realise what they’ve taken.

Vet Visits

It’s important that your dog gets a regular check up. You can think about it like our version of heading to the dentist or the optician. Every so often, it’s a good idea to make sure that everything is as it should be. A regular trip to the vets can be expensive and that’s why we suggest you get full pet insurance coverage. This is particularly important in case your dog ever needs an expensive medical procedure. Remember, this is for your benefit as well as the dogs.

Regular Exercise And Play

Many owners are constantly angry when their dog acts out. This might be by chewing up some furniture or choosing to do their business inside. However, owners should note dogs tend to do this because they are not getting enough attention. Dogs are social animals and they need regular play and exercise. It’s important that you don’t choose one or the other. Take your dog for a walk but also, throw the ball around with him regularly. That way, your dog will be happy and you won’t have a wrecked house.

I hope you see now there’s a lot to think about before buying a dog. But if you think you’re ready it’s an investment that will give you great happiness and a lifelong friend.


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