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Your Dog’s Health And The Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

by Ana

Keeping our dogs healthy should be one of our main concerns when we become dog parents. The problem is, many people aren’t educated on what is OK and what isn’t OK for dogs. In this post, we’re going to talk about your dog’s health and the mistakes you really don’t want to make.

Feeding Them Chocolate

Feeding your dog chocolate is really bad for their health. While many dogs have eaten chocolate and lived to tell the tale, it can be more toxic to some dogs than to others. You never know when it could affect them negatively, as some of the ingredients in chocolate is actually like poison to a dog. As their bodies are much smaller and not like ours, they can’t handle it like we can. If you want to feed your dog chocolate as a treat, then buy them dog chocolate instead.

Feeding Them Fruit

Certain fruits can be really bad for dogs too. Fruits like grapes and raisins are another poison to dogs, and can affect them more than you’d expect them too. While giving them healthy ‘human’ foods like sweetpotato can be nice for them sometimes, you need to be careful. Something that is considered healthy to us may not be considered healthy for them.

Overfeeding Them

Overfeeding dogs is really easy to do, especially if you give them scraps. If you’re giving your dog lots of treats in between meals and even giving them what’s left on your plate, they could pile on the weight before you realise it. Feeding them one extra snack a day could be the equivalent of a big burger or even two burgers for us. Make sure you feed them in moderation.


Giving Them Alcohol

Giving a dog alcohol isn’t just silly, it’s cruel too. Sure, they’ll drink it, but this could mean fatal consequences. Again, some dogs have consumed alcohol and lived to tell the tale. However, many dogs have also died from consuming alcohol. Never do this to your dog!

Walking Them When It’s Too Hot

You may think you need to take your dog out rain or shine, but if it’s too hot, walking them is a bad idea. Not only could they get out of breath and exhausted easily, they may also burn their paws on hot pavement. You need to make sure the pavement is suitable for them to walk on, and take a bottle of water with you just incase.

Not Giving Them Enough Stimulation

Dogs not only need walking each day, they need you to play with them too. This means training them and giving them toys. You can read reviews here for some of the best dog toys. Make sure you’re keeping your dog’s mind occupied!

Using The Wrong Kind of Collar

Choke chains are so outdated, yet some people still use them as a means to control their dogs. If you train your dog properly in the first place, you won’t need a collar like this!


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