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A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

by Souti
A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Many people at this time of year decide to gift their loved ones with a new puppy or dog. While this is an incredible gift to give someone, the thought of caring for the dog and whether they are going to be able to give the dog the life it deserves often slips their mind because of the thought of their loved ones opening their puppy. If you’re considering buying a puppy or a dog for your loved ones this year, then be sure to read this first to see if you would be providing the dog with the life it should have.

Think about work schedules:

The main thing that slips everybody’s minds when it comes to getting a dog is their work schedules. While you have to go to work to earn money to survive on, is it really fair to leave the dog unattended at home alone? Dogs can be left for short periods of time as long as they are left with food and water easily accessed by them, but if you’re working constant long shifts and not returning until the end of the day, your dog could not only become bored but will need to use the bathroom and also potentially hurt themselves by playing with things that they shouldn’t. It’s no secret that dogs can open cupboards and doors, and you’ve more than likely seen the videos online of owners coming home to their dogs mess all over their home.

So before even considering getting a dog, at least think about your work schedule and whether it would be fair on the dog to leave it for the amount of time you would have to. Unless of course, you have a trusted family member or friend who would be happy to take care of the dog while you’re at work.


Another thing that many people overlook before buying a dog is their healthcare. Dogs become ill just as easily as humans do and unfortunately, the cost of vet bills is on the increase. If you’re buying a female dog, you might also want the dog to be spayed so that there’s no risk of the dog getting pregnant, and that isn’t cheap alone.


Image by Pixabay

One thing you also have to think about is the treatment of fleas on your dog. Fleas can be contracted from anywhere, even somewhere as simple as the garden, so it’s important to regularly treat your dog for fleas. Advecta flea treatment offer monthly flea treatment for your dog to ensure there’s no chance of them catching them.

What kind of food do they need:

Depending on what kind of breed you’re thinking of buying, different dogs need different types of food to thrive and grow properly. For example, larger dogs will need a considerable amount more food than a regular or small sized dog. Not only that, they may need specially formulated food to keep them strong and healthy. Before buying a dog do the research on what kind of food they will need and be sure that you’re able to provide them with it at all times.


Having a pet dog is fantastic, they are literally man’s best friend. However, when it comes to going on vacation it’s unlikely that you will be able to take your pooch with you (unless you’re going to a dog friendly holiday site). Have you thought about what you would do in situations like going on vacation? Or even a business trip? As mentioned earlier, if you’ve got a willing family member then that’s perfect, but if you don’t, do you have a kennel nearby and the funds to send your dog there to stay? Definitely something you will have to think about before buying a dog.


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Like children, dogs need training so that they know how to behave and act around other humans and also other dogs. There’s a lot of controversial posts in the media these days about certain breeds of dog being more aggressive than other breeds. The truth is, it’s not the dog’s fault if they are aggressive, it’s the owners who haven’t taken the time to teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Make sure that you will have the time to teach your dog how to behave so that you don’t end up with a dog that’s aggressive towards people or dogs. It’s especially important to make sure that it’s safe to have children around because of how vulnerable they are.

Don’t forget about toilet training too. Dogs need to be taught that it’s not okay to relieve themselves inside your home, and that when you take them out that’s the time for them to go. This often takes much time and patience, so make sure you have that before buying a dog.

How big will they grow:

Another thing that people don’t consider is how large their breed of dog will grow. All dogs need exercise, but some larger dogs ideally need to be taken for a walk and run about a few times a day, and if you can’t commit to that then it’s not fair on the dog because they will become unhealthy. Dogs are energetic animals and need the time to run off all of their energy at some point during each day, and for a considerable amount of time too.

You should also consider the size of your home and garden in correlation to how large your dog will grow. A cramped up space isn’t going to do any good for your dog, as mentioned above they need plenty of space to run around.

If you’re able to take all of the above points into consideration and honestly say that you have the time, patience, space and funds for a dog then you should go ahead and buy one, or even rescue one from a shelter. However, if you can’t dedicate yourself to all of the responsibilities, it might be an idea to wait until you’re at a point where you can.

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