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Popular Oral Care Topics

by Ana

There are a number of factors that can affect you’re dental health, some add distress to the teeth, whilst others will upset the surrounding area of the mouth. Regular trips to the dentist are therefore highly recommended, however, learning a little about the popular oral care ailments is certainly one way to become aware of the problem areas.


Bad Breath

A large number of individuals suffer from bad breath and it’s not always to do with the last meal consumed. Finding the cause of bad breath is the first step to finding a solution. In medical jargon, bad breath is determined as halitosis and a full oral examination will ensure identification of the culprit. Once this is known, you can then apply a remedy to the situation.

Gum Disease

Highly regarded as the leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease is an important ailment to watch out for. In general terms, it’s an inflammation of the gums, which without treatment can add great distress to the bone surrounding and supporting the teeth. Daily brushing a flossing can help to remove both the bacteria and plaque that sticks to the teeth, whilst certain mouthwashes are designed to combat gum disease.

Tooth Whitening

Many will often look at their smiles in photos and in the mirror, regarding their teeth as anything but white. The likes of coffee and red wine can easily stain the teeth, making them appear more yellow than pearl-like in colour.

Those that choose to whiten their teeth should opt for a safe procedure, as regular bleaching can lead to extremely sensitive teeth. There are many whitening methods and kits on the market today but before investing in any one of these it’s wise to consult your dentist first.

If you’re looking for a professional service then Hotel Dent is an ideal choice and can help you understand the benefits of looking at dental treatment abroad too.


Some are born with jagged teeth, obvious gaps and imperfect smiles. If you find that you’re unable to live with such imperfections, orthodontics may be a good option to consider.

Such a procedure can help to straighten out the teeth without invasive surgery. In some cases; it can be a simple as applying a brace in the evenings. Anther reason to invest in orthodontics is if your teeth are so jagged they become much harder to clean, which can of course cause major problems in later life.

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