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Natural remedies for Lowering High Blood Pressure

by Souti

Suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension is not a very uncommon phenomenon among people. But some high risk outcomes like, stroke, kidney ailments, heart problems are linked with hypertension. So keeping your blood pressure level under control is very necessary. Your regular lifestyle plays a very important role in keeping it under control, so make sure you are incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your every day life.

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  • Our blood pressure level is measured by two numbers, the bottom number is known as diastolic blood pressure (90 is the limit) & the top number is systolic blood pressure (140 is the limit).
  • Routine checkup is very much required in controlling your blood pressure level. If your doctor prescribes you any medicine for this ailment, then make sure you are taking it regularly. For your & your doctor’s record keeping, maintain a written record of your blood pressure every time it is measured.
  • To make your body fit, you need to shed your extra kilos. Obese people are more prone to suffering from high blood pressure. Reducing weight can help you to reduce your blood pressure level too. If your waist is measured 35 (women) & 40 (men) then there is a possibility that you are carrying extra kilos around your abdomen & you need to lose it as much as possible.
  • You need to limit your sodium intake. 2.300 mg or even lesser sodium intake is appropriate. People in their 50’s need to limit it to 1,500 mg or even less daily.
  • Regular 30-60 minute workout can make a vast difference. In fact, a simple 30 minutes walk can also give you the opportunity to control your blood pressure level.
  • Try to avoid consuming packaged food, because it contains sodium, however, when you are preparing food in your home, you can limit your sodium intake easily.
  • Healthy diet is also very important in controlling this level. You need to make your meals rich in low fat diary products, fruits, whole grains, veggies etc.
  • Spices as well as herbs can also be used instead of salt, while you are preparing food at home.
  • Stress, anxiety can raise your blood pressure level, so make sure, you are living a stress free life or having as little stress as possible.
  • People with calcium deficiency is more prone to have this ailment, nonetheless taking a calcium supplement is not a very much proven option for lowering the high blood pressure level. However recommended amounts of calcium is highly required for consumption.
  • Try to consume potassium rich foods, it will help in preventing an increase in your blood pressure level. Instead of getting a supplement, try to have potassium rich foods.
  • If you are consuming alcohol regularly, then you need to limit its intake. Excessive alcohol consumption can encourage your blood pressure to go higher.
  • Fishes like salmon as well as mackerel are rich in omega-3fatty acids. Excess amount of fish oil can provide some help in lowering the blood pressure level, however, their role in the protection of the same is not very clear. Consuming fish oil pills are not advised, since excessive consumption can cause several side effects.
  • Garlic is known for its ability in lowering the cholesterol level, as well as minimizing some kind of cancers. However, consumption of garlic can also help in reducing the blood pressure level.
  • Make sure that your diet includes magnesium rich foods too. Because magnesium deficiency can cause the rise in your blood pressure level. Some foods rich in magnesium are, nuts as well as green leafy veggies, beans, dry peas etc..

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