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Some Natural Pain Relief Remedies

by Ana

If you suffer from pain you may be looking for some natural pain relief remedies. The good thing is that there are so many awesome ways to naturally treat pain without using medication. The next time you are sore after a workout or need to treat constant pain, try using one of these natural pain relievers before turning to medication.

Massage Therapy

A massage is always a nice option for natural painkilling, however, massage is appropriate for a headache arising from tension, osteoarthritis, neck pain, fibromyalgia, surgery-related issues, and back pain etc. In various clinics, this massage therapy is available for people experiencing surgery. This natural reliever has also been able to encourage serotonin & endorphins levels. It’s able to lower the level of your stress hormone too.

Fish Oil, Clove oil & some Essential oils

Fish oil has also been suggested by various doctors for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s able to lower your inflammation too. Fish oil is a great option for treating joint pains too.

Oil extracted from clove is considered a good reliever for a toothache. For relaxation as well as pain relief, oils like damask rose, chamomile, lavender & peppermint are used in aromatherapy.

Deep Breathing

As a natural remedy deep breathing has also managed to get an honorable mention. By the count of four you need to take a deep breath first, then hold it & then release it. You need to repeat this for 10 times. Make sure you are doing this on the count of four.

Tart Cherries, Green tea & devil’s claw for Muscles

A study conducted by Oregon Health & Science University revealed that tart cherish is a very good muscle pain reliever. For treating muscle stiffness ginger teas have already proven its capability. For getting relief from muscle tightness in the areas like back, shoulders & neck, devils claw have been discovered to be very useful. It is also popular for its anti-inflammatory & analgesic contains.

Good night Sleep

Sometimes sleep arises as a great option for natural healing. A good night sleep is always important for people to stay fit. However, this can be a great option for your pain too. A deep sleep can energize you as well as give you relief from pain.

Heat & Cold

We all know about hot compress. Heat always appears as a nice option for sore muscles. It encourages oxygen flow at your wounded area. So before indulging in medicine try this option for your muscle pain. A study revealed that people suffering from vitamin D deficiency are more prone to pain. However cold compress has been more appreciated as a natural pain reliever. Make sure you always store ice in your refrigerator. It’s able to treat inflammation as well as is able to reduce the feeling of pain.

White Willow Bark

From the ancient days, white willow bark is considered as a great remedy for nerve pain as well as for osteoarthritis & back pain too.


For treating mild fibromyalgia pain as well as cramps gingerroot has proved its ability. Because of the presence of analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory contents it appears as a great pain reliever.


Because of the tight muscles sometimes we feel uncomfortable. However light stretching could be an option for loosening it up. You need to start with gentle stretching. Make sure you are not pushing your injured area too much; it can make the situation worst.


Turmeric is a huge supplier of curcumin. It’s considered as a strong painkiller, able to stop inflammatory proteins & increase the capability to subdue inflammation. Several studies revealed that curcumin is able to give some relief from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

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