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Maintaining your fitness regime during vacation

by Souti


Vacation always plays a great role for changing our mood. It’s an excellent way for refreshment & fun. But the active-vacation_1full-fledged enjoyment can be a cause of gaining weight. So you need to stay fit even during your vacation.

•    Every quality hotel has its own fitness area. During your vacation you can also visit these areas & sweat. This fitness centres are a great choice for the health conscious guests.

•    During vacation you will get very minimum opportunity for walking or running. It such a situations online workout DVDs can help you to carry on with your regular fitness routine.

•    As an alternative to resistant bands collapsible weights which can be filled with water can be used. You can take various sizes of these weights and fill them up with water ( as heavy as you like ). You should do 10 to 15 repetitions of the exercises of the exercises for every muscle group for example back, chest, arms , butts , legs etc. You can check out fitness DVD’s for reference.

•    Hotels also provide you with chances of water workouts. Swimming is a great exercise to stay fit, as well as it’s a good option for some refreshment.

•    During your travel you can carry various travel kits with several equipments to help you in maintaining your toned muscles.

•    If the weather permits then take the opportunity of outdoor working, like- go for mountain hiking or to Local Park etc.

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