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Importance of maintaining balance between diet & exercise

by Souti

Diet & Exercise

Figure conscious people usually get addicted to fitness. But you need to take care of your diet as well as workouts. yoga-for-weight-loss1Make sure you are not torturing your body by over exercising. Things need to be perfectly balanced.

•    When you decided to loss some weight then focus on a healthy breakfast which kicks off the metabolism & provide some quality energy to start off your day as well as able to keep your distance from snacking. When you skip breakfast you will feel hungry after a few hours, which pressurizes you to take some snacks.

•    You need to figure out a sound balance between your diet & exercise. Excessive exercise or extreme diet is not quite useful. Perfect balance is important for every aspect of your life.

•    Try to provide the required calories to your body (to spend the whole day). If you are planning to starve to lose some weight its not the positive way. When you spend some time in starvation your body uses up the accumulated reserved fat. You body is able to adjust with such a situation.

•    While you prefer toning your muscles then your diet should be comprised of some more protein. Weight training as well as strength training requires lot of energy so you need to consume foods that can provide you with the required energy. For body builders try to figure out some protein, low fat foods, complex carbohydrate etc are good options for energy.

•    If you are suffering from hypertension or you are diabetic then you need to memorize your condition & keep you exercise moderate between 30-40 minutes. The perfect time for exercise is the early morning when you get up in an empty stomach with full reserved energy.

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