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Health Benefit of Sex For Healthy Living

by Souti

Healthy Living

In present scenario people hardly get time for getting intimate with their partners. In their busy schedule sometimes it even becomes hard to manage. However you can easily skip your once in a while exercise & instead choose your bed for getting perspired. When you are staying at your home, enjoy being in your bed, but still losing some calories at the same time.

  • We are aware that some of the workouts are quite helpful for enhancing your immune system. However people who are having sex twice or a single time in a week are carrying almost 30% extra level of immunoglobulin A (antibody). It helps your body to boost up your immunity. So through this process you are not only enjoying it you are also helping your partner to stay healthy.
  • Research revealed that people having sex twice or more than that in a week are able to chop off the risk of heart ailment from their life quite noticeably.
  • If you want to get rid of your seasonal allergies or sinuses then sex could help you to some extent. Experiencing an orgasm could help you to escape your sinuses problem for the time being.
  • We believe that for the sake of workout we need to grab our sports bra. However while you are having sex or even sitting on your desk you can tone up your pelvic floor muscles. Many of us are not quite aware that while we are performing sex we are also performing kegels, which enhances our satisfaction as well as a fortified pelvic floor boosts up the exercise of your bladder control.
  • Women who enjoy love making are believed to live longer than the women who don’t enjoy the same thing. It also helps them to feel quite young.
  • If you really want to lower your stress level, than you can take the help of love making. During sex you released endorphins (which help you to feel better), it cooperates with you to kick off your bad memories.
  • Sex is also helpful in getting quality sleep, which is also necessary for staying fit. While you are in a love making process, it enhances the oxytocin hormone & increased level of this hormone helps you to get quality sleep.

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namita February 9, 2011 - 10:04 am

Really sex has many benefit…

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