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What is Gynecomastia?

by Ana

Gynecomastia is an issue caused by breast being proportionately larger than the natural size which is supposed to be. This issue could be a rather disturbing one for many men who live with this syndrome around the world. The cause of it is not the man’s fault at all as it is always and obviously beyond their control. Gynecomastia is indeed rear case during the past, but in present days the hearing of it and knowledge about it is being more exposed as the population living with gynecomastia has risen over a period of time.

It is also necessary to get to know how it is caused in men to control certain things to prevent it as much as possible. Gynecomastia is literally caused by a natural decrement of the substantial amount of hormone testosterone when putting in comparison with the amount of estrogen. The cause of the decrement could be regarding certain conditions which block the internal effects or place a reduction in testosterone or even a condition which increases an estrogen level. There are many other factors which could probably attack the defect of hormone imbalance and one of them could be the above mentioned.

As to a further research done by many researches it is indeed a fortunate statement to hear about the medications which are actually available to treat this issue and help these men out of gynecomastia. Let me introduce some worthy medications to treat gynecomastia which could come useful in hand. Clomiphene is one popular treatment used for this case as it is an anti estrogen. The dosage could be followed over by 50mg to 100mg per day continued over for period of 6 complete months.

Another popularly heard medication to treat gynecomastia is danazol. It is indeed a synthetic derivative which of testosterone. It works mainly to achieve the key goal of reducing estrogen from a man’s testicles. 200mg used in a daily basis of twice a day would be a tactful method of treating this case of such. Using danazol would help you recover from gynecomastia issues but moreover it would also cause you some unfortunate adverse effects of using this treatment. Such as muscle cramps, acne, gaining weight rapidly, nausea and some other minor ailments too.

These two medications are indeed the ones which have said to make changes to cure this issue of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia medication may be treated with home remedies around the globe by people who suffer this symptom. But moreover the above mentioned gynecomastia medication is said to have made change and proven itself as a great treatment for this issue. Looking back at another one more drug which is tamoxifen which was founded recently in due to treating this case. 10 to 20mg used daily in a twice a day basis would fulfil the treatment in the manner of getting a supportive treatment towards this case. These above mentioned treatments would indeed be sufficient and also it is available in leading medical stores, clinics and pharmacies. So if you or you know anyone who is living with this symptom, it is high time you advise them that there is no need of worry as there is medication towards treating gynecomastia.

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