In comparison to their opposite sex men usually contract various diseases quite earlier than women. In the case of heart ailments they develop problems 10-15 years prior to women. Men are very reluctant to go for checkups; they are always busy in managing their macho image. They need to realize the fact that if they are having some problems then go for treatment, it will not dent their macho image.

The following are some useful points for understanding some usual male heath related ailments & ways to beat them.

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Jock Itch and Athlete’s Foot

Men are quite prone to fungal infections. Because of their careless nature they allow their undergarments or stocks to be a heavenly breeding ground for fungus.

To get rid of this fungal problem you need to dry your feet first (use hair dryer for this purpose) & then wear your stocks. Using some antifungal spray (that are easily available in the market) on your feet can also help you to cure this problem.

Herniated Disks

According to a study conducted by Diseases control & prevention 61% of men usually suffer from back pain whereas female percentage is 51. Their straight spines put extra force on their lower disk. Spending quite a long period of time sitting in an office makes the situation even bad. Their tight hamstrings have a tendency for slipped disks.

Doing exercises like aerobic can help you to stay away from this problem.


Hernia mostly affects men and specially their testicles. During the early years the testicles pass through a hole in the wall of the abdomen. With the passage of time, if the path gets longer then then there is a possibility that the intestine can pass through that hole. It’s a kind of a genetic problem. However visit your doctor as soon as you feel something wired. The earlier you detect the problem the earlier you can start the treatment for it.

Oral Cancer

Chewing tobacco makes men quite prone to develop oral cancer. When have a habit of smoking or chewing or drinking, then visiting your dentist at frequent intervals in very important. Try to consume fruits filled with vitamin C, like oranges. It helps you (almost 30%) to lower the chances of such oral cancer.

Kidney Stones

Usually men easily develop typical problems like kidney stones. According to Marshall Stoller (M.D.) calcium and a compound named oxalate cannot bond because of estrogen and this leads to formation of stones in the kidneys.

Drinking plenty of water regularly can help you to keep this problem away.


As per the study conducted by American Cancer Society almost 7000 men have died last year because of this type of skin cancer, whereas the number of their opposite sex is 4000.

Guys are quite prone to opening their shirt, whenever it’s possible & as a result melanomas appear on their shoulders or arms or trunk or neck.
Make sure you are controlling your weight, because heavy men develop this problem prior to the men with lesser weight. It is preferable to wear a shirt that is able to block UV. Application of SPF 30 will also help you to avoid this problem.

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