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Everyday Tips for a Clean and Healthy Skin

by Shilpa

Millions of skin care tips can be found over the internet and printed in the books; however there are few things that are not so commonly known. And these are simple things that we do wrong and it affects the way our skin looks and consequently, how we appear.

Follow these wonderfully easy everyday skin care tips and notice the difference.


    1. The first thing that we do wrong is that we wash our face after every few hours during a day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be so. If you don’t have an oily skin, then washing once in the evening and that too with a mild cleansing foam should be enough to keep your skin, germ and dirt free. What people usually do is that they wash their face in the morning, afternoon, evening and before going to bed. This rips the natural moisture of the skin, making it dry, flaked and prone to various skin problems.
    2. Secondly, how we sleep also matters a lot where the health of our skin is concerned. We all know that a faulty sleeping regime (going to bed late and getting up early, or sleeping late and getting up late) will reflect badly upon our skin. But our posture during our sleep also matters. Lying on the side will press your face against the pillow and this will eventually lead to wrinkles because the pillow pushes the skin upwards. Similarly, people who keep their hands rested under their cheeks will also develop lines sooner than those who don’t. Lying upside down, over your stomach puts pressure on the whole face and this is even worse than sleeping on the side. The best posture to sleep in is on the back, facing upwards.
    3. Another everyday tip that we miss out on is keeping in mind, what things come in contact with our skin. It is common practice that we sometimes rest our face on our hands not being aware of the fact that hands are potential germ carriers and can easily transfer them to the skin of our face. Besides germs we also transport grease from our hands to our face causing a break out of pimples or acne. Furthermore, the towels that we use for our face should be exclusive and not the regular bath towels or those shared by other members of the home to wipe their hands or their bodies.
    4. You should not be easily impressed with new brands that are actively advertised on the TV, billboards or fashion magazines. Find something that suits your skin and then go for it. It is also best to use products which are close to the natural stuff. Not only because they are safe but also because they are very effective. Try the natural skin care products from skin careexpress.

These were some of the most useful everyday tips that could help you achieve a healthy looking and fresh skin.

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