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Effects of Alcohol

by Souti

People get influenced by alcohol because of several reasons like- escaping the failure, family tension, betrayed at love etc, but it is always injurious to our health & cause of various deadly diseases.

•    Because of consuming alcohol in regular bases you can suffer from short-term memory loss or black out. It can ruin your physical balance & your language can become objectionable.

•    Through the influence of alcohol you can even experience vomiting tendencies or nausea.

•    Extreme drinking of alcohol can dehydrate your body, which in turn will lead to tremendous headaches. If you drink at night, you will mostly experience this headache in the morning, which known as hangover.

•    If you don’t take your drinking problem (alcohol consumption) seriously, you might experience the cancer in liver, colon etc.

•    Excessive influence of alcohol can even lead to diseases like cirrhosis, liver failure. This can be even cause death.

•    Its can affect the normal process of cardiovascular system & also intensify the chances of heart failure.

•    Sometimes we heard that marital problems happen because of erectile dysfunction. This is something very common with men who are under tremendous influence of alcohol.

•    People consuming excessive alcohol can also experience the insufficiency of vitamins, because alcohol can suck up the necessary vitamins.

•    Food might not digest properly & inflammation may happen at digestive system because of alcohol consumption. You can even experience stomach inflammation problem.

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