Effective remedies for pimples


Pimples are quite a common problem across the world. It mostly appears on oily skin & also sometimes leaves deadly scars. So we need to get rid of it as early as possible. Various pimple removing creams or lotions are available in the market, but it can be carry some side effects, so try some natural remedies to get back  your beautiful skin.

•    For treating pimples arrange for some cucumber paste & pour it into the rosewater (same quantity). Mix properly & apply it on your face. Allow it to stay for almost 20-30 minutes & then wash your face.

•    Break an egg & take the white potion in a bowl. Now dab it on your face. You can leave it for almost 20 minutes or you can also allow it to stay overnight & wash it on the next morning.

•    Prepare a mixture of honey (1 tsp) along with camphor lotion (1/2 tsp) & tomato juice (1/2 tsp). Mix properly & smear the paste on your face. Let it stay for almost 15-20 minutes & then rinse it with lukewarm followed by normal tap water. It will help you to eliminate the pimple scars.

•    Make a mixture of distilled water (1 cup), along with borax powder (1/2 tsp), camphor lotion (1/2 tsp) & glycerine (1 tsp). Stir all the components properly & smear it over your face. Let it dry well & wash your face with lukewarm followed by cold water.

•    Create a mixture of lime juice along with groundnut oil (same quantity). Mix well & smear it on your face. Allow it to dry & wash your face. It will help you to avert the pimples as well as beneficial for blackheads removal.


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