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10 Diseases Caused by Obesity

by Vinay M
Diseases Caused by Obesity

Diseases Caused by Obesity: A Detailed Study:

When a person’s weight is almost 20% or even more than his/her active body weight according to his/her height, then the person is acknowledged as obese. You can also be seen as obese when your BMI (Body Mass Index) is thirty or even more. There could be many reasons why a person becomes obese. However, one of the main reasons is taking excessive food regularly & doing less exercises.

Though there are various diseases that can appear because of the person’s obesity, nevertheless following are top ten diseases that can happen as a result of being overweight.

Heart Disease:

Heart Diseases

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According to study ( by American Heart Association), people who are overweight develop excess chances for stroke or heart attack even when they are less than  forty five years old. Even before the age of 35 this can also happen to obese people.

High Cholesterol Levels:

High Cholesterol Levels

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Heart attack is highly related with high cholesterol. Consuming excessive saturated fat (which boost up the level of bad cholesterol) is one of the major reasons of gaining excess weight. So try to avoid junk food, fast food as much as possible.



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Unusual levels of hormone because of obesity can lead to fertility issues. When a women is even 15 pound over weight they can develop the risk of infertility or even ovarian cancer. For men low sperm count can occur because of their excess weight. Losing weight of around 12 pounds or more can give you some relief from such unwanted ailments.



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Obesity can also result in type 2 diabetes by promoting insulin resistance. By creating the cells in our body that are more opposed to insulin, obesity can easily lead to ailment like diabetes. If you are obese then try to stay away from sugary product.

Back Pain:

Back Pain

Image by: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Because our spine carries our entire body weight, being overweight can injure it. On the other hand, being overweight can also trigger back pain along with various joint pains. It could also enhance the chances of arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

High BP:

High B.P

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High BP is one of the major reasons behind the death of American people (adult). It can create higher chances of heart related ailments. As per researches, arterial resistance & blood volume gets enhanced among people who are overweight or obese. For lowering blood pressure even losing 8 pounds can be an effective option.

Skin Infections:

Skin Infection

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It is also related to skin problems. Obese people usually have problems like folded skin, which can cause irritation because of sweating or even from rubbing. This type of skin irritations can lead to skin infections very often.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction as well as various other male sexual ailments are mostly related to obesity. Damaged blood flow, which is heavily linked with high blood pressure &which in turn is of the major problems for obese people, can also be experienced by men having excess weight. Sometimes emotional problems like low self-esteem gives rise to obesity which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction.


Among women just being 20% over weight can raise their chances for cancer as shown by a  recent study. Daily exercises & healthy intake is the best option for reducing weight. Weight loos supplements are also accessible for losing weight quite fast.

Quality of Life:

Quality of Life

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When people are overweight, it reduces the ability of live an enjoyable life. Sometimes they prefer to avoid public places. Discrimination could also be happen because of obesity.

Some of the obesity related issues that can influence their live are:

  • Social discrimination
  • Disability
  • Guilt as well as shame
  • Depression
  • Less work related achievement
  • Sexual ailments, etc.

There are various diseases that are linked to excess weight. To avert such ailments you need to keep an eye on your calorie intake & daily exercises. Having a discussion with a professional can also provide you with great help.

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