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Could Going To See A Doctor Put You In Danger?

by Ana

It’s peculiar to think that going to see a doctor could end up putting your life in danger. Or, at the very least, worsening the condition of your health. Nevertheless, it is true patients leave a doctors office worse off than they were before. There are numerous reasons why you’re not paranoid to fear the doctors.

Hospital Infections

Hospitals are incredibly clean places, and they must abide by strict health regulations. This often means that powerful cleaning agents are used for keeping the environment sterile and free from infections. Ironically, research has shown this is exactly what could cause an infection. Highly clean environments have lead to patients developing medical infections that you can only get from being in a hospital.

Human Error

Equally, it’s possible that you might be a victim of typical, human error. Human error refers to a mistake made by a doctor that could affect your health or worse your condition. This is the cause of numerous malpractice lawsuits and normally refers to surgery. It’s easy for doctors to make a mistake when you are under anesthetic and the knife.

Experimental Drugs And Procedures

If you go to the doctors, you don’t expect to be treated like a guinea pig. But many doctors do encourage the use of experimental treatments. Often this is because they believe it has an excellent chance of working. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of experimental procedures negatively impacting a patient’s life.

You can see in the infographic below exactly what we’re referring to.

Infographic Created By Fishman & Fishman, ltd.

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