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Children Born Of HIV Affected Mothers: Issues Relevant To Language Learning

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Study of national institute of health and Human development

Language learning is a lifelong process, and it begins soon after a baby’s birth.  It was thought previously that children born to HIV affected mothers were late in learning languages. That’s because treatment is supposed to continue, in order that the child is affected from contracting HIV virus.  As per the recent researches, HIV treatment does not harm the language development of a child.   Fetus in the womb does not get affected by the treatment and the child after birth does not suffer from any kind of learning disorders.

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Results of the study

Study conducted at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National institute of child health clearly demonstrates that this treatment is not the plausible cause of delay.  The exact reasons are not known for the delay in learning language. Research based studies are still on. That’s because children born of HIV affected mothers have been found slow in picking up streaks and nuances of language learning. Exact cause of this is still being investigated into. But researchers are now sure it cannot be ascribed to the treatment taken for HIV.

Researchers found that combination treatments may cause delay in the language learning process.

In some cases it has been found that children speak slowly where the mothers are treated with combination of drugs. Such process needs thorough monitoring. Children belonging to the said category, needs to be subjected to language therapy. With a little bit of care and effort, they are able to pick up, and respond as much positively as a normal child.  Therefore there is no need to panic unnecessarily.  They should be concerned only when the child does not try to make sounds.  That’s because children are prone to whizzing and making wooing sounds when they feel happy. If they behave like normal children of the same age group without trying to speak, parents can consult doctor to enquire about the issue. But by and large if they are like all other children there is no cause for worry for them.

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