Heart Diseases

Alarming Times For Your Heart

Heart is something which needs special care to keep it strong. Heart ailments can easily make our activities quite limited, which is not at all desirable for us. There are various times when heart problems can arise because of increase in your blood pressure level & this increases the chances of heart attack. The following pointers might help you to get an idea about these moments & make you more cautious.

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Susan Lucci Discussed AFib Related Stroke Risk

Susan Lucci is a famous TV star while talking about AFib related strokes she said, “Having been happily married for more than 41 years, Helmut and I are a true team. We play an active role in each other’s health and work together to manage his AFib and reduce his risk of stroke.

AFib Related Stroke Risk

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We know how much a stroke can impact all aspects of our family and we’re doing everything we can to reduce his risk. We hope the Facing AFib PSA and website will help educate others about the risk of stroke associated with AFib and will encourage them to do all that they can to manage the condition, just like us.” Atrial Fibrilliation (AFib) refers to the unevenness of heart beat and it is the major reason of stroke in America. Above15 percent of strokes in U.S.A are caused due to the abnormality of heart beat.

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Short People Have High Risks of Heart Diseases: Study Revealed

The short height was earlier considered just a personality factor that most of the people don’t like in themselves but recently a new analysis has shown more negativities of short heights and according to that the short people are at higher risks of getting heart diseases and also death.

short-peopleThe medical researchers have long been thinking on this issue that, whether short heights influence the heart problems or not and recently a first systematic review has been taken on this issue.

According to a lead author of this study Dr. Tuula Paajanen, “Height may be considered as a possible independent factor to be used in calculating people’s risk of heart disease”. The study was published on the online issue of the European Heart Journal dated June 9.

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Useful Remedies for Angina


Angina is a very usual indicator of coronary artery ailment, which mostly happens because of the inadequate blood anginaflow into the heart. In some serious cases it can lead to heart attack as well as paralysis (partial)

A few indicators of angina:

•    You can experience breathing disorders.

•    You can feel some exertion as well as nausea.

•    Chest pain along with some uneasiness can also happen.

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