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Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is a herb which is widely used in cosmetics and medicines for centuries. It is very useful for skin to enhance the beauty.

Here are some tips to use aloe vera:

  • Certain properties of the aloe vera plant make it an excellent remedy for speeding up the healing process to any injury. Aloe vera is excellent for treating scars, burns, and cuts.
  • Aloe Vera is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, it has the ability to arrest inflammation or slow it down due to the presence of fatty acids. Applying aloe vera gel can prevent or stop inflammation caused by injury, immune dysfunction, and many other problems.

  • Improves digestion and helps detoxify the body. Aloe vera juice and gel are both good laxatives and help in dealing with constipation.
  • As Aloe Vera is a cellular regenerator and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, these properties make aloe vera one of nature’s healthiest products. Being a strong antioxidant, it hunts down free radicals and protects the body.
  • The dried juice/gel of the aloe vera plant is traditionally used as a remedy for diabetes as the aloe vera juice lowers blood sugar.
  • Due to its healing nature, aloe is used to alleviate pimples, acne etc.
  • Aloe vera lightens the skin, hence used successfully to alleviate sun tanning and hyper pigmentation.
  • Aloe vera gel has a lot of moisture locked in it so when applied on skin it hydrates the skin and increases its elasticity.
  • Aloe vera gel protects the skin from the effects of ageing like wrinkles, dryness etc.
  • Aloe is highly anti-allergic hence useful in treatment of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, general itching etc.

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