Everyone deals with the occasional embarrassing medical ailment. Whether it’s a rash that happens to be in an uncomfortable place or fluids leaking from places they shouldn’t, the human body does weird things. Just because you acknowledge that, though, doesn’t mean you want to advertise it to everyone around you. You still need to deal with your symptoms, though. Here are a few ways to limit the embarrassment of unusual medical issues.

by wahyubumi
by wahyubumi

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Do Your Research

If it’s really embarrassing, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research first. Maybe it’s a perfectly normal problem you can treat at home. A boil in an unpleasant place can seem terribly scandalous, for example, but a boil is treated the same way regardless of where it is, with a warm compress to bring it to a head. There is no need to bother anyone about it until you’ve tried that first. You can even order many medical supplies online if you find some promising ideas.

Just make sure you don’t pay too much attention to the internet. There’s a certain hypochondria that sets in when you’re searching through medical forums online. If you’re really worried about something you’ve read, talk to your doctor.

Treat It at Home

Many minor but embarrassing medical ailments can be treated at home. You may prefer to purchase over-the-counter medications for certain kinds of itches or rashes via the internet or self-checkout lane at the grocery store. Many herbal treatments require things you may already have in your house, or that are significantly less noticeable in your grocery cart. It very rarely hurts to try an over-the-counter solution first to see if that solves your problem. Of course, if your problem is serious or life-threatening, you should talk to your doctor.

Tell Your Doctor

If nothing else works, you must talk to your doctor. There’s no good way around it, even if you are a trained medical expert yourself. Your health always takes priority over embarrassment. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. If you think you’ll have trouble looking your doctor in the eye and explaining about that you’re constantly farting or the like, consider other ways to give him the information about your symptoms. Many doctors now allow you to email them ahead of your appointment, which allows you to describe what’s going on without having to say it out loud. If you can’t email, consider writing it on paper the old fashioned way, and simply handing it to your doctor. When in doubt, remember that your doctor has almost certainly seen worse and won’t laugh at your because of your condition.

Human bodies are strange sometimes, and no doubt there are many rashes, itches, oozes, and smells you were taught not to talk about. When it comes to dinner table conversation, you should definitely shy away from talking about bodily fluids. But when it comes to your comfort and your health, it’s definitely worth it to treat even the most embarrassing of medical problems. There’s nothing to be gained by suffering in silence.

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