1. dear sir/madam,
    after 5 days of the lasik operation the doctor told that i can play sports and i am from those people who lift weights so during exercise i exerted pressure on my left eye and i found that it dilated than the right eye which caused blurred vision, please help me as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, Amro

  2. my husband’s right eye got his by tenis ball and now he is having dilated pupil and doctor said it might be permanent. I want to know how to live in this situation? how to cope with light sensitivity and photo phobia?

    is contact lense any solution?

  3. I got an accident on 20/11/2012. After that round about of my left eye I got some stitches. But my eye remains safe except a little bit dilated pupil. Is any solution for this problem. Please gide me.

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