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Why Brain Cancer Is Extremely Difficult To Cure?

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Brain tumor is very difficult to cure

Glioblastoma or brain cancer is extremely lethal in kind. Curing it is one of immense difficulty.   Malignancy of this kind does not respond too well to radiation therapy. That’s because malignant cells spread and cause havoc at a breakneck speed. In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish between the different stages of glioblastoma.  The first stage of malignancy, which begins with cell invasion closely, follows the stage marking the development of tumor.  The stages are closely interlinked. Studies have indicated that cancer cells of the mentioned kind are potentially capacitated into affecting the remote regions of brain. It calls for specialized treatment- the one different from those prescribed for other varieties of malignancy.

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Brain tumor cells are resistant for chemotherapy

Florida University researchers have come up with enlightening and interesting facts and figures. In the course of time, the research based orientation is sure to have   great influence on the treatment of Glioblastoma. The latest mode of treatment is expected to control the rate of fatality.  As per the research based studies, the cancer of this kind is neither responsive to irradiation nor to chemotherapy. Though chemotherapy happens to be one of the most preferred modes of cancer treatment, glioblastoma is highly resistant to chemo. Again, the reason is attributable to the fast rate of progress.

Findings of researchers by Florida University

Researchers have thrown light on the characters of these cells, that which is responsible for its fast metastasis. Discovery and identification of a molecular pathway, also known as ZEB1 pathway has been one of the major breakthroughs. It is supposed   to throw new lights on the cure of cancer.  Identification of cells which are responsible for spreading the tumor in remotest areas of the brain leads have given way to new lines of research on modes and modalities of treatment.  As part of the treatment mode, one can directly target these stem cells. That’s because these are responsible for spreading the disease. Controlling their growth and destructive spree of development has been identified as one of the most favorable modes of therapy.

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