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Understanding Bipolar Disorder Treatment

by Ana
Understanding Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Around 2.8 percent of American adults have bipolar disorder. This disorder may mess with people’s moods and possibly affects their behavior negatively, people who have bipolar disorder are easily irritable and can barely relate with their mates. Co-existing becomes a challenge, and most end up being alone. There are three types of bipolar, Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, or Cyclothymic Disorder. Harmony place has the expertise to diagnose a patient’s stage of bipolar and treat it accordingly as understanding bipolar disorder treatment is a must.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Treatment is Important

There is no cure for the disorder; however, its symptoms are treatable. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place, have the expertise and the resources necessary for the treatment of the disease. Harmony Place Monterey has a unique approach to the treatment of mental disorders, ranking it among the best centers for Bipolar treatment. At Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place, the specialists are certified to treat all mental disorders. They have the expertise and experience for supporting their patients through the most realistic plan for each patient’s needs. Some of their staff have over forty years of experience working in the psychiatric field.

At Harmony Place, they focus on a small number of clients. A single patient gets to be attended by two staff members. Their ability to offer close attention to patients makes it easier to focus on symptom stabilization. With their ability to provide affordable treatment and longer patient admission time, clients get a chance to work on their deeper issues like social anxiety and emotional neglect. Harmony Place Mark Schwartz, have a great treatment approach. Their program goes for six days a week, and each patient gets three individual sessions for therapy. Additionally, each client receives a meeting with the psychiatrist.  For people who do not prefer, they offer outpatient programs that last three hours.

What Are Their Treatment Options?

Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place provides their bipolar patients with personal, compassionate, and professional treatment. Their services begin with a complete assessment to diagnose the issue. They then focus on relieving the client’s symptoms. They could use medication and physical health assessment, psychotherapy, and other applicable methods to deliver relief.

Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz combines a twelve-step methodology for efficient treatment. They use cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation practices to help their clients control their moods. Emotional regulation training is known to work for most bipolar patients.

When it comes to the medicinal treatment, they have over fifty alternative medicines, and all their staff is well trained to prescribe the right ones for every client. Additionally, they know the optimal dosages to prevent adverse side effects. They use medicine to prevent their clients from episodes of mania and depression. They then train their patients to recognize what triggers the mania episodes and use psychological treatment to help them control mood swings.

Other facilities Offer Similar Treatment?

Other companies like Mayo Clinic and The Ranch offer treatment services for adults with mental issues like bipolar disorder. They provide a supervised environment for their patients, where they can stay for up to three months. They also offer therapy and medicinal treatments for their bipolar patients. Most companies provide residential rehabs for bipolar disorders. And just like Harmony Place Monterey, they provide distance from things that trigger stress in their patients. They also practice appropriate medication management and provide regular follow-ups to patients to ensure the programs are effective.

Bipolar disorder symptoms are treatable. At Harmony Place Monterey, they care for all their patients. They provide refuge for healing and recovery or bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. It is the reliable support every bipolar client needs to cope with the condition. Any person faced with the challenge of being bipolar has a refuge.


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