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Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping Disorders

Good sleep is very important for healthy life. But some disorders may prevent good sleep. In this article we have discussed these disorders:

  • Insomnia

Mostly adults have problem of insomnia or sleeplessness. The definition of insomnia is that difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep or both. This reason of this may be inadequate sleep or no sleep. The females are more affected then male.

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Disorders of Natural Sleep Aid Snoring

1. Abstract

The natural sleep aids are the most influential parts of every body’s life. A person is diseased without natural sleep aid. That is the blessing of the supernatural. A person works throughout the day with full of his or her concentration in any field of life. He turns back to the home at evening. He fells very exhausted. A kind of natural aid sleeping is waiting for him. He eats up the foodstuff and suddenly feels sleepy. That is the beauty of natural aid sleeping. But the natural sleep aid is often covered up with a lot of disorders. That creates the natural sleep aid snoring. This is a disease according to the science belief. There are many symptoms and causes of the natural sleep aid snoring. These are discussed as under.

2. Symptoms and causes

2.1 Obesity

The natural sleep aid snoring is often attached with the obese people. Those, who eat a lot of spicy and oily foodstuffs; they indulge in the disease of snoring.

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