Healthy Food that helps to Fight Fatigue

Everyone from time to time experiences fatigue which is simply mental or physical exhaustion. Fatigue is common due to lifestyle factors.

If you are feeling tired, sleepy or lacking energy, have a good look at your diet. The best foods are those which can be easily digested and release energy slowly.

The following five foods are rich in nutrients which are essential to help your body convert food in to energy.

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Mussels South of Two Borders

Low carb diet helps you to loose weight. It has the potential to control the blood glucose levels. It enhances the musslemetabolic rate by burning the excess fat. It has the potential to lower the cholesterol level as well as is good for your cheerful mood. It’s also found to be beneficial for lowering the chances of heart ailments. So try following low carb preparation.


1.    Spanish chorizo- 1/3 cup (minced)
2.    Plum tomato- 1 (small sized, minced)
3.    Onion (medium sized)- 1 (minced)
4.    Ground cumin- 1 tsp

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Blackened Salmon Sandwich

A low fat diet is always a good option to make you slim & fit. It will help you to lower the risk of several obesity relatedsalmon-backed-sandwich diseases. So try the following low fat diet & keep yourself healthy.


1.    Salmon fillet- 1 pound (skin removed & cut into four pieces)
2.    Avocado- 1 (small sized)
3.    Cajun seasoning- 1 tsp
4.    Red onion- ½ cups (finely chopped)

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Avocado Sandwiches

A Low sodium diet is useful for people who want to control their blood pressure level. This is also beneficial for sandwicheskidney ailments along with diabetics.
This recipe has very low sodium content & is ideal for people who are conscious about what they eat.


1.    Avocado- 1 (minced)
2.    Lemon juice- ½ tsp
3.    Fat reduced mayonnaise- 1 tbsp
4.    Cucumber- 10-12 fine slices

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon is an outstanding energy manufacturer.  It has the potential to fight against heart ailments as well as is watermelonable to lower the chances of cancer. It’s capable of playing the role of an antioxidant. Watermelon is also recommended for erectile dysfunction & is useful in resisting the muscular decadency.


1.    Watermelon- 8 cup (finely chopped, removed seeds)
2.    Red bell pepper- ½ (minced)
3.    Cucumber – 1 (medium size, removed skin & finely minced)
4.    Fresh basil- ¼ cups (diced)

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Athenian Orzo

Calcium is responsible for the power & strength of bones & teeth. Calcium deficiency causes week bones. After orzo1menopause calcium is a necessary thing for women body. Mostly insufficiency of calcium causes several type of arthritis.


1.    Onion (small size)- 1 (minced)
2.    Extra-virgin olive oil- 1-2 tsp
3.    Dry white wine- ¼ cup
4.    Garlic cloves- 4 (chopped)
5.    Tomato- 1 2/8 ounce (minced)

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